Namibia Women's Super League

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Country Namibia
Confederation CAF
Founded 2011
Most championships AS Kigali

The Namibia Women's Football League is the top level women's association football league in Namibia. It is organised by the Namibia Football Association.


In 2006 women's football was only played informally with very few teams. In November 2006 FIFA granted Namibia the right to host the Football Seminar for South & East Africa Countries to discuss, elaborate and share best practices and establish a plan of action to develop the women's game.[1] A national championship was then contested, consisting of regional leagues and play-offs for the championship. From 2009 to 2011 there was no competition. In 2011 the Women's Super League was created with six teams.[2] FIFA help starting the league by sponsoring 100,000 Namibian dollars and football attires and training equipment for the teams.[3]

The first season was won by Jacqueline Shipanga (JS) Academy.[4]

In 2014 a U20 Super League was created.[5]

2011–12 teams[edit]

  • Okahandja Beauties (last Women National Championships in 2009)
  • Rehoboth Queens
  • NDF Cheetahs
  • JS Academy
  • Unam Bokkies
  • Poly Babes.


The list of champions and runners-up. Okahandja Beauties won three championships before creation of the super league.[6] The 2014 season was suspended because funds needed were used for hosting the 2014 African Women's Championship.[7]

Year Champions Runners-up
2011/12 Jacqueline Shipanga Academy FC Okahandja Beauties FC
2013/14 started in September[8]


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