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Namibian Sun
Namibian Sun front page.png
Front page of 11 October 2016 issue
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Namibia Media Holdings
EditorFestus Nakatana

The Namibian Sun is a daily tabloid newspaper in Namibia. It was launched on 20 September 2007 as a weekly tabloid newspaper published on Thursdays.[1] It had an initial print run of 36,000. The paper publishes mostly in English with some pages in Oshiwambo and targets a readership aged between 18 and 40.[2] It has been published daily since 2010.[3]

The Namibian Sun is published by Namibia Media Holdings (formerly Democratic Media Holdings[2]) which also publishes Allgemeine Zeitung and Die Republikein.[4] While AZ has a German-speaking readership, and Republikein targets Afrikaans speakers, the Namibian Sun focuses on an English-speaking audience.[1] It is similar to the South African Daily Sun in layout and features.[5]

The editor-in-chief is Festus Nakatana.[6] The previous editor was Toivo Ndjebela.[7]


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