Namibian local and regional elections, 2010

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Namibia held elections for their local and regional councils on 26 and 27 November 2010. The terms of regional councillors and local authority representatives were originally set to expire in 2009. As a local and regional election in 2009 would have meant to organise four different elections in one year, this part of the election was postponed and terms of office extended by one year.[1]

Regional election[edit]

Regional elections contested 101 seats in 13 regional councils. [2]

Local election[edit]

Local elections determine the population of the village, town, and city councils and have a direct influence on who will become mayor, as this position is elected among all councillors. Contrary to the regional elections, local elections in Namibia are determined by party, not by individual. There are 50 local authorities in Namibia with a total of 327 seats.[3]

The ruling SWAPO Party obtained representation in all local councils and won 226 seats all in all. Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), the official opposition, managed to get into 36 local councils with a total of 48 seats in them.[3]

e • d Summary of the 26 and 27 November 2010 Namibia Local election results[4]
Party Seats Seats +/-
South West Africa People's Organization 226 Increase39
Rally for Democracy and Progress 48 Increase48
United Democratic Front 23 Decrease3
Democratic Turnhalle Alliance 16 Decrease16
National Unity Democratic Organization 9 Steady0
United People's Movement 3 Increase3
All People’s Party 2 Increase2
Total 327 Increase24