Namiki Gohei I

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Namiki Gohei I
Born 1747
Died 1808
Occupation Kabuki actor and playwright
Nationality Japan
Genre jidai-mono, sewa-mono

Namiki Gohei I (並木五瓶初代)(1747–1808) was a Kabuki actor and playwright active in both Edo and Osaka. He wrote over 110 plays, mostly in the genres of jidai-mono (historical) and sewa-mono (current events).

Gohei was a student of the playwright Namiki Shōzō I, and may have in fact taken on the name "Namiki" as a result of this relationship.


(The following list is only a small selection of Namiki Gohei's most famous works.)

  • Kimon gosan no kiri (The Thief of the Temple Gate, 1778)
  • Keisei kogane no sachihoko (The Thief of Fish Scales, 1782)
  • Kanjin kammon tekuda no hajimari (Murder of a Foreign Envoy, 1789)
  • Godairiki koi no fūjime (Seal of the Five Great Powers, 1794)
  • Sumida no hara geisha-katagi (Geisha Spirit of the Sumida Valley, 1796)


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