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Villages =Majhitar, Dhusheni, Chhap, Khadagaun, Namjung and Archale, Sepprak, Tharigaun, Gairigaun, Hukkaban, Gaunthale, Ripthok, Chautaridada, Ratmate Lies in = Shahid Lakhan Rural Municipality
Namjung,gorkha is located in Nepal
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 27°56′N 84°43′E / 27.94°N 84.71°E / 27.94; 84.71Coordinates: 27°56′N 84°43′E / 27.94°N 84.71°E / 27.94; 84.71
Country   Nepal
ZoneGandaki Zone
DistrictGorkha District
 • Total3,370
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)


Namjung is a village development committee in Gorkha District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 3,370 and had 627 houses in the town.[1]


Namjung is situated in the southeast part of the district in between Fujel khola and Baikhola in southern and northern part and Budhi Gandaki in eastern part. Which is extended from 500 masl to 2500 masl. The mid hill VDC which is near around 165 km far from Kathmandu if you will use the way of Gorkha Bazaar, but there is another way Kathmandu-Benighat- Namjung which is around 120 km far from Kathmandu. The concrete motorable bridge is being constructed in Benighat. After building of this bridge, it will increase the economic activities of eastern and southern as well as northern part of Gorkhas' people. There is another motorable bridge is constructing in Bunkot Ghat. There is going to be constructed a big hydro power in Budhi Gandaki river, which also affects the lower belt, Majhitar and Dhatuwatar. This hydro power has 650 MW which is higher than all total hydro power which has constructed in Nepal till the time. Whose catchment area will be 10 times larger than the Fewa lake.

Major Placemarks[edit]

The main pleces of the Namjung are Majhitar, Dhatuwatar, Gangatetar, Ratmate, Satdobate, Dhuseni, Rambhanjyang, Chhapgaun, Khadkagaun, Chautara Danda, Khanidanda, Pokhari, Gurungung Gaun, Seprak, Danda Gaun, Hukkaban, Gairhi Gaun, Archale.

Major Casts[edit]

The main population of Namjung are Brahmin followed by Chetri, Newar, Gurung, Kami, Damai, Baram and Magars. There are four primary schools and one high school. The VDC is connected with District headquarters Gorkha Bazaar with unpaved motorable road. There are also facilities of electricity and telephone.

The main occupation of Namjung's people is agriculture, they produce rice as main crop in low land and upland in rainy season. Maize is another main crop and Finger Millet as third one. The current agriculture is subsistence type but some of farmers have commercial one. They produce seasonal vegetable, fruits and sugarcane.

Namjung has good rainforest in the lower part or in the foothills of mountains covered with Sal trees (Sorea robusta), Chilaune trees (Schima walichii), Saaj, Kadam (Anthesephaloes kadamba), etc.

In the foothill of mountain, it has plain land called Majhitar, Dhatuwatar and Gangatetar. These places have large terraces.

Main places that can be visited are Gandaki river, Barchuli temble, Bhimsen temple(satal), kauri Pani, Thulo Lek etc.

Major castes in this VDC[edit]

Lamichhane, Gurung, Baram, Kapri, Dhakal, Bhandari, Magar, Khadka, Shrestha, Thapa, Bishwkarma, Paraiyar, Duwadi, Adhikari, Gautam, Amgain, Basnet, Maji and Sarki and few other.


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