Nambu language

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RegionNew Guinea
Native speakers
3,000 (2000–2003)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
nmx – Nama
nkm – Namat
ncm – Nambo
mxw – Namo (Dorro)
nex – Neme
nqn – Nen

Nambu is a Papuan dialect cluster of Papua New Guinea. Dialects are distinct but mutually intelligible.[2] However, Ethnologue lists them as separate languages, because speakers prefer individualized literacy materials.[1] Glottolog lists the following varieties: Nama and Dre, Namat, Nambo (also known as Nambu, Arufe or Namna), Namo (also known as Dorro or Mari) and Len, Neme and Nen.[3]


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