Namonuito Atoll

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Namonuito is located in Pacific Ocean
Location of Namonuito Atoll in the Pacific Ocean

Coordinates: 08°40′00″N 150°00′00″E / 8.66667°N 150.00000°E / 8.66667; 150.00000 Namonuito Atoll, also called Namonweito, Weito, or Magur Islands, is the largest atoll of the Federated States of Micronesia and of the Caroline Islands, with a total area of 2267 km², unless one considers the still larger Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon as a type of atoll in an early stage of development. In Micronesia, only Kwajalein Atoll of the Marshall Islands is larger.

Namonuito Atoll lies in the northwestern region (Oksoritod) of Chuuk State, the largest federal State of the Federated States of Micronesia, about 170 km northeast of Chuuk Lagoon (measured from Pisaras Islet to the northern and western parts of the fringing reef of Chuuk Lagoon. It is roughly triangular in shape, with the base running 82 km along its southern side. The southwest corner of the triangle is marked by Ulul islet, the main island (largest and most populated), also called Onoun. The other islets lie mostly on the northeast side, from Pisaras islet in the southeast corner to Magur (Makur) islet in the north corner. The 12 islets have an aggregate land area of only 4.5 km². The total population is 1.341 (census of 2000).

The reef rim of the atoll is submerged for the greater part and is marked by the lighter colour of the water over it. The depths on the reef range from 0.9 to 18.3 m. The reef appears to be in the process of formation and can be crossed at many places. The lagoon is not of uniform depth. Except for a 5.5 m patch, located 22 km west of Pisaras island, and a detached reef, with depths of 2.7 to 3.7 meters, located about 10 km of Pisaras, there appears to be no less than 9 m on the scattered coral heads.

Pisaras Island has coconut palms and other trees growing on it. Reefs extend northwest and WNW from the island, enclosing a shallow and foul bay. Ulul Island is densely covered with coconut palms. A drying reef fringes the island. There is a radio station on the island.

The atoll is home to five of the 40 municipalities of Chuuk state, listed in counterclockwise sequence, with population (2000):

Landsat visible color image
Municipality alternate
or former
location islands coordinates
Onoun Ulul 2.54 598 southwest corner Ulul Island 08°35′22″N 149°39′37″E / 8.58944°N 149.66028°E / 8.58944; 149.66028

southeast corner
Wabonoru Islet
Pisaras Island
Pielimal Islet
Weltot Islet
08°35′50″N 150°21′18″E / 8.59722°N 150.35500°E / 8.59722; 150.35500
08°34′55″N 150°24′26″E / 8.58194°N 150.40722°E / 8.58194; 150.40722
08°36′50″N 150°22′38″E / 8.61389°N 150.37722°E / 8.61389; 150.37722
08°37′15″N 150°22′16″E / 8.62083°N 150.37111°E / 8.62083; 150.37111
northeast rim
Onari Island
Bihof Islet
Behiliper Islet
Amurtride Islet
08°45′11″N 150°19′46″E / 8.75306°N 150.32944°E / 8.75306; 150.32944
08°45′43″N 150°19′24″E / 8.76194°N 150.32333°E / 8.76194; 150.32333
08°46′03″N 150°19′02″E / 8.76750°N 150.31722°E / 8.76750; 150.31722
08°46′10″N 150°18′47″E / 8.76944°N 150.31306°E / 8.76944; 150.31306
Onou Ono 0.31 182 northeast rim Ono Island 08°47′52″N 150°16′58″E / 8.79778°N 150.28278°E / 8.79778; 150.28278
Magur Islands
north corner
Magur Island
Magererik Islet
08°59′27″N 150°07′22″E / 8.99083°N 150.12278°E / 8.99083; 150.12278
08°57′24″N 150°03′53″E / 8.95667°N 150.06472°E / 8.95667; 150.06472
Namonuito Atoll Magur Islands 4.38 1,341     08°40′00″N 150°00′00″E / 8.66667°N 150.00000°E / 8.66667; 150.00000


First visit by European explorers, was by the Spanish galleon San Jerónimo on 5 July 1566. At Pisaras Island the rebel pilot Lope Martín and his gang of mutineers (thirteen soldiers and thirteen sailors), that had murdered the captain Pero Sánchez Pericón and other expedition members, were marooned.[1][2]

Onou Island was again visited by Spanish naval officer Juan Antonio de Ibargoitia commanding the vessel Filipino in 1801 who charted it as Anonima (Anonymous). [3]


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