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Nampally Sarai is a heritage resting place located at Nampally in Hyderabad. The 'Nampally Sarai' or 'Tipu Khan Sarai' was built by the sixth Nizam, Mahboob Ali Pasha, in 1919 in memory of First World War Treaty.[1] The building originally known as Sulah Sarai (a peaceful resting place) was spread on area of 5,828 square yards (4,873 m2) near Nampally.[2] The location was chosen because of its proximity to the railway station and Carore giri (customs house).[3]

It was also used a state guest house after 1948 by Government of Andhra Pradesh. In 2002, the government contemplated demolishing the structure and building a new one. In 2011, it received heritage site status from the government,[4] because of the efforts of heritage activists and INTACH. The building is poorly maintained and in a dilapidated state. It was handed over to HMR who planned to use the Sarai as an overhead station and link it with Nampally railway station but the plan was put on hold due to protests. Presently GHMC plans to take it back from Hyderabad Metro to build a commercial complex in the same location.[5]

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