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Namrata Sawhney
नम्रता साहनी
Born (1970-12-04) December 4, 1970 (age 46)
India Patiala India
Occupation Actress, Voice actress, singer
Years active 1983-Current

Namrata Sawhney (Hindi: नम्रता साहनी Namratā Sāhanī, born: December 4, 1970 in Mumbai) is an Indian actress, voice actress and singer, who speaks English, Hindi and Marathi as her mother tongue languages. For over more than 30 years, she's been voicing characters and dubbing characters for foreign media, and she currently works for Sugar Mediaz, which is an Indian dubbing studio. She is trained as a voice artist and a sound engineer for the company.[1] She is considered to be the official Hindi dub-over artist for Indian actress, Sridevi, in her Tamil films.[2] She also dubbed for Juhi Chawla in some Kurkure commercials, where Chawla wasn't available at the time to do it herself.[3]



Year Film title Role Language
1993 Bedardi [4] Mohini Hindi
1994 Vaade Iraade [5] Additional Role Hindi

Voice Roles[edit]

Animated films[edit]

Year Film title Role Language Notes
1992 Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama Sita Hindi An Indian-Japanese animated film.
2012 Krishna Aur Kans Dourga Hindi


Year Promo Language
2004 Indian Idol Radio Channel promos Hindi

Dubbing career[edit]

Namrata Sawhney first started as a child voice actress when she was 13 years old, back in 1983. Kissa Tota Maina was her very first program which was a radio show and soon Sawhney got into voice-acting and also dubbing. From a child voice to the lead voice, It's been around more than 30 years, since she's been doing this. She has then enjoyed her job for being a voice artist. She gave the Hindi dubbing voice to Kate Winslet's role as Rose DeWitt Bukater/Dawson in Titanic for the cinema release, the home media releases and for UTV television airings, Princess Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin when it was dubbed in 1994, and she's considered to be the official Hindi dub-over artist for Sridevi in her Tamil films.

She also gave voices to Radio channel promos for Indian Idol, and also dubbed Malini Sharma in Raaz and Manisha Koirala in Dushmani. She also gave her Hindi dubbing voice to other Indian actresses such as Agni Sakshi, Jai Hind, Taliban and Calcutta Mail. She even voiced Kamal Hasan’s daughter in the film, Naikan.

Dubbing Roles[edit]

Live Action Films[edit]

Film title Actress Character Dub Language Original Language Original Year Release Dub Year Release Notes
Titanic Kate Winslet Rose DeWitt Bukater/Dawson Hindi English 1997 1998 The elderly version of this character was portrayed by Gloria Stuart and dubbed by Geeta Khanna in Hindi.
Raaz [6] Malini Sharma Malini Hindi 2002 2002 Due to the actress's poor Hindi knowledge, The directors for these films, could not allow the actresses to use their real voices, so Namrata has dubbed for them to disguise their voices, despite that the movies were already shot in Hindi.
Dushmani Manisha Koirala Additional role Hindi 2009 2009

Animated Films[edit]

Film title Original Voice Character Dub Language Original Language Original Year Release Dub Year Release Notes
Disney's Aladdin [7] Linda Larkin (Speaking)
Lea Salonga (Singing)
Princess Jasmine Hindi English 1992 1994 Dubbed by Modi Entertainment. [8] Namrata has only done the dialogue voice for this character. The Hindi singing voice was provided by Suchitra Krishnamoorthi.
The Little Mermaid Jodi Benson Ariel
(First dub)
Hindi English 1989 ???? Another Hindi dub was made in 2012 for Television where Prachi Save Sathi voiced this character.[9]


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