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Namsenfjorden is located in Trøndelag
Location of the fjord
Namsenfjorden is located in Norway
Namsenfjorden (Norway)
Location Trøndelag county, Norway
Coordinates 64°29′54″N 11°11′50″E / 64.4984°N 11.1973°E / 64.4984; 11.1973Coordinates: 64°29′54″N 11°11′50″E / 64.4984°N 11.1973°E / 64.4984; 11.1973
Type Fjord
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 35 kilometres (22 mi)
Max. width 5 kilometres (3.1 mi)
Settlements Namsos

The Namsenfjorden or Namsfjorden is a fjord in Trøndelag county, Norway. The 35-kilometre (22 mi) long fjord flows along the border between the municipalities of Namsos, Namdalseid, and Flatanger. It runs southeast from the Folda firth, between the mainland in the south and the island of Otterøya in the north, past the island of Hoddøya, to the Namsen river estuary in the town of Namsos. The banks of the fjord are mostly wooded and not very high. Near the town of Namsos, the Løgnin fjord arm branches to the south all the way to the village of Sjøåsen in Namdalseid. Other villages along the fjord include Statland, Tøttdalen, Skomsvoll, Bangsund, and Spillum.[1]

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