Namsos Hospital

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Namsos Hospital
Nord-Trøndelag Hospital Trust
Location Namsos, Norway
Coordinates 64°28′15″N 11°30′19″E / 64.470870°N 11.505175°E / 64.470870; 11.505175Coordinates: 64°28′15″N 11°30′19″E / 64.470870°N 11.505175°E / 64.470870; 11.505175
Care system Public
Hospital type General
Emergency department Yes
Helipad ICAO: ENNH

Namsos Hospital (Norwegian: Sykehuset Namsos) is a local hospital located in Namsos, Norway. Owned and operated by Nord-Trøndelag Hospital Trust, part of the Central Norway Regional Health Authority,[1] it serves the district of Namdalen in Nord-Trøndelag, as well as Osen and Bindal.

Namsos Heliport, Hospital (ICAO: ENNH) is situated 100 meters (330 ft) from the emergency department. The helipad measures 20 by 20 meters (66 by 66 ft).[2]


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