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Nan Hayden Agle (April 13, 1905 – February 14, 2006) was an American author of children's books. Anna Bradford Hayden Agle was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Charles Swett Hayden and Emily Spencer Hayden. She was a granddaughter of the chief editorial writer for the Baltimore Sun, Edward Spencer. She married Harold H. Cecil in 1925 and married John Agle in 1947. She was educated at Goucher College and the Maryland Institute of Art.

Nan was an art teacher at Friends School of Baltimore and at the Baltimore Museum of Art, and was a member of Delta Gamma sorority. She and Ellen Wilson co-authored a series of children's books known as the Three Boys series, about the adventures of the fictional triplet boys: Abercrombie, Benjamin and Christopher. The first book of the series, Three Boys and a Lighthouse was completed in 1951. Its success led to more stores about adventures of the triplets, with an adventure in space at the end of the series.[1]

In 1973 she wrote a book titled Susan's Magic later changed into Susan and Sereena and the Cat's Place. Another of her books documented the adventures of a former slave.[1]

Nan died at the age of 100 at her home in Sykesville, Maryland, following a fall.


Three Boys series[edit]

  • Three Boys and a Lighthouse, co-authored with Ellen Wilson, Scribner (January 2000), ISBN 978-0684126302
  • Three Boys and a Tugboat, Scribner (1953), ISBN 978-0684134451
  • Three Boys and the Remarkable Cow, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York; First Edition (1952), ASIN B000IFMATQ
  • Three Boys and a Train, co-authored with Ellen Wilson, Charles Scribner's Sons (1956), ASIN B0007DVSFQ
  • Three Boys and H2O, co-authored with Ellen Wilson, Scribner; first edition (June 1968), ISBN 978-0684207216
  • Three Boys and a Helicopter, co-authored with Ellen Wilson, Scribner; first edition (1958), ASIN B000IFKBWO
  • Three Boys and a Mine, co-authored with Ellen Wilson, Charles Scribner's Sons; First Printing edition (1954), ASIN B000IFMALY
  • Three Boys and Space, Scribner (June 1962), ISBN 978-0684126784

Other books[edit]

  • Free to Stay: The True Story of Eliza Benson and the Family She Stood by for Three Generations, Arcadia Enterprises, Inc. (December 28, 2000), ISBN 978-0970380203
  • A Promise Is to Keep: The True Story of a Slave and the Family She Adopted, Zondervan (December 1985), ISBN 978-0310415916
  • Susan's magic, Seabury Press (1973), ASIN B007EQU3PU
  • Baney's lake, Seabury Press (1972), ASIN B0006C4ENG, ISBN 978-0816430895
  • That Dog Tarr, Scholastic Book Services; first edition (1966), ISBN 978-0590045087, illustrated by Barbara Seuling
  • The Ingenious John Banvard, co-authored with Frances Atchinson Bacon, Seabury Press; first edition (1966), ASIN B0007DVMF2
  • The Lords of Baltimore, co-authored with Frances Atchinson Bacon, Holt; first edition (1962), ISBN 978-1125768815, Holt Rinehart & Winston; 5th Printing edition (1969), ISBN 978-0030351853, illustrated by Leonard Vosburgh
  • My animals and me; An autobiographical story, Seabury Press (1970), ASIN B0006CPIEU
  • Makon and the Dauphin, Charles Schribner’s Sons, first edition (1961), ASIN B000NR8MX2
  • Kish's Colt, Seabury Press, New York (1968), ASIN B00ABE2WTM
  • Kate and the Apple Tree, Seabury Press (June 1972), ISBN 978-0816430345


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