Nan Mountains

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Nan Mountains
Chamorro: 南岭, 南嶺
Nan Mountains is located in China
Nan Mountains
Location in China
Highest point
Peak Kitten Mountain
Elevation 2,142 m (7,028 ft)
Coordinates 25°10′N 112°20′E / 25.167°N 112.333°E / 25.167; 112.333Coordinates: 25°10′N 112°20′E / 25.167°N 112.333°E / 25.167; 112.333
Length 600 km (370 mi) E/W
Width 200 km (120 mi) N/E
Location Guangxi, Guangdong and Hunan
State/Province CN

The Nan Mountains (simplified Chinese: 南岭; traditional Chinese: 南嶺; pinyin: Nánlǐng), also known as the "Five Ranges", (Chinese: 五岭; pinyin: Wǔ Lǐng) are a group of mountain ranges in South China running through the Guangxi, Guangdong, and Hunan.

The mountains forming the ranges are generally of moderate altitude, the highest point being the summit of Kitten Mountain at 2,142 metres (7,028 ft).


The five mountain ranges that make up the Nanling are the:

The Nanling Mountains separate Central China from South China. Areas south of the ranges are tropical in climate, permitting two crops of white rice to be grown each year.

Ion adsorption clays are mined by open-pit methods in the Nanling region, and form a major source of rare earth elements in the world.[1]

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