Naname De Magic!

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Naname de Magic!
Developer(s) Atlus
Platform(s) Arcade
    Genre(s) Puzzle

    Naname de Magic! is a puzzle arcade game that was only made available in Japan. It plays similar to Hebereke no Popoon. Like Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, the characters are super-deformed (with the first boss looking very similar to Wolfgang Krauser of the Fatal Fury series) with an exception of some of the bosses in the final stages. Another reason it links to this Capcom game, a special system is activated to defeat an opponent. One would have to stack the element icons diagonally to attack the opponent, unlike to its comparing counterpart.


    The cabinet version is extremely rare. It is still playable through MAME or similar emulators.


    • Frain - Element: Fire

    Once a player has inserted their coins for story mode, they have to play as Frain. One day, there is panic in a nearby village, and Frain is trying to find out what's going on. Rei tells Frain that someone took Elena and she must be brought back to safety.

    These characters are only playable in versus mode:

    • Rei - Element: Wind
    • Sala - Element: Water
    • Dio - Element: Plant
    • Datta - Element: Earth
    • Elena - Element: Light

    These characters appear in story mode, but are not playable:

    • Burn - Element: Fire
    • Kein - Element: Plant
    • Aria - Element: Water
    • Goras - Element: Earth
    • Garam - Element: Wind
    • D-Frain - Element: Fire
    • Guru - Element: Dark

    The main villain of the story. He kidnapped Elena, and brainwashed her to fight Frain late into the game. Fortunately, Frain is able to save her and defeat Guru.


    A non-Japanese player wouldn't know how to play the game without viewing the tutorial in attraction mode.[citation needed]