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Sunset at Nananu-i-Ra

Nananu-I-Ra is an island in Fiji about 3 kilometers off the north coast of the main island of Viti Levu, near the town of Rakiraki in Ra Province. The island is 3.5 square kilometers and has a maximum elevation of 180 meters. The name "Nananu-I-Ra" means "Daydream of the West" in Fijian. Fijian mythology holds that Nananu-I-Ra is the point of departure for disembodied spirits leaving this world for the afterlife.

The highest peak and look out point on the Eastern side bears the remnants of an Ancient settlement complete with fractured and decorated Pottery in low-lying areas and the legend of mythical creatures.

Tribal era fish traps were the main source of food and still exists in some places on Nananu I Ra.

Once a thriving tourism destination it has largely been forgotten about and holds an immense geopolitical importance as it is located between the ports and landing points between Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

Nananu I Ra is privately owned with numerous subdivisions available for sale as of 2018 and is mainly zoned residential.

It holds merit as a place of virgin beaches with vibrant reefs and is located a close distance from Ellington Wharf or Wananavu Resort with trips available anytime by local boat operators and secure car parking available.

The nearest township is Raki Raki that will cater and serve all necessities needed for a resident or tourist. A full report is available from Town and Country Planning Fiji that describes the ecology and natural aspects of Nananu I Ra.

Vodafone Fiji provides a prepaid internet service with full coverage of Nananu I Ra.

Wind Turbines are the preferred energy source to power most residents' homes.

Neighbouring Islands include Dolphin Island and Nananu I Cake Island.

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Coordinates: 17°18′S 178°13′E / 17.300°S 178.217°E / -17.300; 178.217