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Sunset at Nananu-i-Ra

Nananu-I-Ra is an island in Fiji about 3 kilometers off the north coast of the main island of Viti Levu, near the town of Rakiraki in Ra Province. The island is 3.5 square kilometers and has a maximum elevation of 180 meters. The name "Nananu-I-Ra" means "Daydream of the West" in Fijian. Fijian mythology holds that Nananu-I-Ra is the point of departure for disembodied spirits leaving this world for the afterlife.

Nananu-I-Ra was once used as an experimental sheep farm, a cotton plantation and then a coconut plantation.[1] At one point, Procter and Gamble purchased three fourths of the island then sold it in 2004 to a New Zealand based Developer. The general population is predominantly European retirees and some Fijians with a permanent population of roughly 40 full time residents. There are no roads on the island and the mode of transportation is by foot. Wireless broadband can be subscribed to and is within the network at a speed of (Vodafone Fiji 3G Speeds) as well as Vodafone cellular coverage. Neighboring islands are Dolphin Island and Nananu-I-Cake.

Tourism is the main industry of Nananu-I-Ra. The island is a popular location for kitesurfing and windsurfing due to consistent trade winds during the months of April through October. Nananu-I-Ra is also a popular base for scuba diving, as there are many famous dive sites in its proximity. There is a track open to the public running along the highest peaks of the island from one end to the other, which takes around a few hours to half a day to complete. Charlie's Place, Betham's Beach Cottages, Macdonald's Cottages and Safari Lodge are budget resorts offering basic to moderate standards of accommodation and service. Some of the resorts have shops offering basic supplies and food items. A boat can be arranged to leave from Ellington Wharf and Wananavu Resort costing $25FJD per return trip per person. There are eight Beaches, with the most popular being Oni Beach on the northern most side of the island which was awarded merit as being one of the best in Fiji.


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Coordinates: 17°18′S 178°13′E / 17.300°S 178.217°E / -17.300; 178.217