Nanatsuka Station

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Nanatsuka Station
Nanatsuka Station building and nameplate.jpg
Nanatsuka Station building
Prefecture Hiroshima
(See other stations in Hiroshima)
City Shōbara
Opened December 8, 1923
Rail services
Operator(s) JR West
Line(s) Geibi Line

Nanatsuka Station (七塚駅 Nanatsuka-eki?) is a JR West Geibi station located in Nanatsuka-chō, Shōbara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. The station formerly handled freight trains, in addition to passenger trains, due to the large yard.


Station building and platform[edit]

Nanatsuka Station features one station-side platform. Tickets can be purchased at Kuniyasu, a store in front of the station.


Nanatsuka Station is located just west of downtown Shōbara. Bihoku Kyūryō State Park, which includes the Hiba Satoyama Yashiki (a historical traditional-style house), is located about 1km southeast of Nanatsuka Station, and Bihoku Nanatsuka Hospital is located about 1 km southwest.

Highway access[edit]

Connecting lines[edit]

All lines are JR West lines.

Geibi Line
Bingo Mikkaichi StationNanatsuka StationYamanouchi Station

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Coordinates: 34°50′40″N 132°59′09″E / 34.8444°N 132.9857°E / 34.8444; 132.9857