Nanbu Shigenao

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Nanbu Shigenao
Nanbu Shigenao.jpg
Portrait of Nanbu Shigenao
Native name 南部重直
Born (1606-04-16)April 16, 1606
Edo, Japan
Died October 30, 1664(1664-10-30) (aged 58)
Edo, Japan
Burial place Shoju-ji, Morioka, Iwate, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Title Daimyo of Morioka Domain
Predecessor Nanbu Toshinao
Successor Nanbu Shigenobu
Spouse(s) daughter of Katō Yoshiaki

Nanbu Shigenao (南部重直?, 16 April 1606 to 30 October 1664) was an early Edo period Japanese samurai, and the 2nd daimyō of Morioka Domain in northern Japan. He was the 28th hereditary chieftain of the Nanbu clan. His courtesy title was Yamashiro-no-kami, and his Court rank was Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade. [1]

Shigenao was the 3rd son of Nanbu Toshinao, and was born at the clan’s Sakurada residence in Edo. He became daimyō on the death of his father in 1632. During his tenure, Morioka Castle was completed, and he laid out the streets of the surrounding castle town in a grid network. Of severe disposition, he had no heir and adopted a son of Hotta Masamori, daimyō of Sakura Domain, which also opened the possibility for the clan to change to fudai daimyō status. However, in April 1636, his sankin kotai procession arrived in Edo ten days late, which was a violation of the new Buke shohatto regulations issued by Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu, and he was declared unfit to govern, and sentenced to house arrest at the clan residence in Edo.[1]

After his death in Edo in 1664, the Tokugawa shogunate intervened, and by order of Shogun Tokugawa Ietsuna appointed his younger brother Shichinohe Shigenobu as the next daimyō, with the son of Hotta Masamori reduced to hatamoto status. The kokudaka of Morioka Domain was also reduced by 20,000 koku to 80,000 koku, with the creation of Hachinohe Domain for Shigenao’s third brother, Nakasato Naoyoshi, who was renamed Nanbu Naofusa. [1]


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Preceded by
Nanbu Toshinao
Japanese Crest Nannbu Turu.svg 2nd (Nanbu) Lord of Morioka
Succeeded by
Nanbu Shigenobu