Nanchang Institute of Technology

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Nanchang Institute of Technology is a university in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China.

Nanchang Institute of Technology (Also named Nanchang University of Technology) is located in the capital city of Jiangxi province - Nanchang, is approved by the Ministry of Education set up a second level of regular undergraduate institutions, a bachelor's degree-granting units. According to April 2014 the school's official website revealed that the campus covers an area of 757.79 acres. 1.19 million square meters have been built school, library books 2,650,000, a variety of educational assets totaled 1.8 billion rmb, teaching equipment worth 176 million rmb. The school has 16 sub-colleges, 42 undergraduate majors, 62 specialties, Jiangxi university "five" key disciplines 2 (New Energy Science and Engineering, Military Law), there are students in nearly 30,000 people .