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Nancy title card 1970.JPG
Nancy title card
Written bySidney Sheldon (as Christopher Golato, Mark Rowane and Allan Devon)
StarringRenne Jarrett
John Fink
Celeste Holm
Robert F. Simon
Frank Aletter
William Bassett
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes17
Executive producer(s)Sidney Sheldon
Producer(s)Jerome Courtland
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time25 mins.
Production company(s)Sidney Sheldon Productions
Screen Gems Television
DistributorSony Pictures Television
Original networkNBC
Audio formatMonaural
Original releaseSeptember 17, 1970 (1970-09-17) –
January 7, 1971 (1971-01-07)

Nancy is an American sitcom that aired on NBC during the 1970-1971 television season, with Renne Jarrett in the title role.


While Nancy Smith, daughter of the President of the United States, is vacationing in fictitious Center City, Iowa, she meets and marries veterinarian Adam Hudson (John Fink).[1]

Celeste Holm appeared as Abby Townsend, the press secretary of the First Lady, Nancy's official chaperone. Robert F. Simon appeared as Everett McPherson, Dr. Hudson's uncle. William Bassett starred as Agent Turner of the United States Secret Service; Ernesto Macias was Agent Rodriguez; Frank Aletter played Tom Daily; and Eddie Applegate played local reporter Willie Maxwell. The role of the President was not cast.[1]

Production notes[edit]

A Screen Gems Production, Nancy was a creation of producer Sidney Sheldon, who wrote every episode under various pseudonyms ["Mark Rowane", "Christopher Golato", "Allan Devon"].

Broadcast history[edit]

Nancy aired from September 17, 1970, to January 7, 1971, on Thursday in the 9:30 Eastern timeslot between Ironside and The Dean Martin Show. The competition was another sitcom, The Odd Couple, on ABC, and the second half-hour of the CBS Thursday Night Movies.[2]


In an effort to generate interest in Nancy, a novel based on the TV series was released at the same time as the show.[3][4] Jarrett, Fink, and Holm also appeared on the cover of TV Guide, which coincided with the November 5, 1970 wedding episode.[5] But it wasn't enough to generate viewer interest.


Seventeen episodes of Nancy were broadcast before the show's cancellation.[6]

Season # Episode # Title Plot/Notes Original air date
1 1 "It's a Good Day For Meeting the President's Daughter" Nancy and Abby travel to Center City, Iowa for a horse show. When one of Nancy's horses becomes sick, Adam arrives to treat it; when he meets Nancy, they immediately fall in love. Adam flees when he discovers who Nancy is, but she gets him back. He plants a sycamore tree in a grove where each man of his family plants a sycamore for the woman he loves, then proposes to Nancy in the grove. She accepts. Abby and Uncle Everett oppose the relationship at first, and press hounding puts so much pressure on the couple that they break off their engagement. But Uncle Everett tells each of them that the other has killed the sycamore, and they rush back to the grove and reunite.[7] September 17, 1970
1 2 "Guess Who's Coming to the White House?" While treating a sick cow in Center City, Adam misses the engagement party the President is giving for him and Nancy in Washington, D.C.[8] September 24, 1970
1 3 "The Smallest Diamond in the World" Adam decides that he needs to buy a spectacular engagement ring for Nancy because she is the daughter of the President, but price is a definite object.[7][8] October 1, 1970
1 4 "It's a Bad Day For Meeting Presidents" The President comes to Center City to meet and have dinner with Adam, but a diligent United States Secret Service agent prevents Adam from getting to the dinner.[7][8] October 8, 1970
1 5 "Just Call Us Incompatible" Computer analysis determines Nancy and Adam to be incompatible.[7] October 15, 1970
1 6 "Adam, the TV Star" Wanting to maintain his privacy, Adam rejects a request to appear in a televised press conference to discuss his engagement to Nancy, but after he acquiesces, he acts like a television star at the press conference.[8] October 22, 1970
1 7 "East is East and West is West" After Adam meets some of Nancy's friends, he worries that a small-town veterinarian like him will never fit into her sophisticated world.[8] October 29, 1970
1 8 "Here Comes the Groom" Overcoming pre-wedding jitters, a lost wedding ring, their wedding cake being dropped, and a hurricane, Nancy and Adam get married.[7][8] November 5, 1970
1 9 "Honeymoon For Twelve" Secret Service concerns about Nancy's security block the couple's plans for a nice honeymoon away from Abby and the Secret Service, so they sneak away to Lake Bageneehawk.[7][8] November 12, 1970
1 10 "Going, Going, Gone" Adam's house is too small to accommodate Nancy, Abby, and the two Secret Service men assigned to Nancy, so Nancy and Adam need to decide whether they should move to a bigger home.[8] November 19, 1970
1 11 "First One Hundred Years Are the Hardest" Nancy and Adam move to a new house on a farm, but Nancy has forgotten to have the utilities turned on and the moving company has gone on strike, leaving them with no furniture.[8] November 26, 1970
1 12 "Busiest Bride in the World" Nancy has too many duties to perform as daughter of the President, so she gives up helping her father in his political career.[7][8] December 3, 1970
1 13 "A Case of Spring Fever" Jim Nielson, the most eligible man in Iowa, courts Abby, but she turns down his proposal of marriage.[8] December 10, 1970
1 14 "Boys' Night Out" Wednesday is Adam's "Boys' Night Out," and though Nancy and Adam would rather be together that night, neither will admit it.[8] December 17, 1970
1 15 "Never Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth" As a wedding present, Lord and Lady Halford give Nancy and Adam the services of very proper English butler Milton for a year, and he keeps getting between the newlyweds and newlywed-type bliss.[8] December 24, 1970
1 16 "Budget, Budget, Who's Got the Budget?" After Nancy spends too much money decorating Adam's office, she discusses the couple's financial problems with her father, resulting in a number of government agencies attempting to help Nancy and Adam with their finances and the couple almost losing their farm.[7][8] December 31, 1970
1 17 "A Girl's Best Friend" Nancy and Adam take in a stray dog with a hand-painted star on his neck and name him Star. He knows many impressive tricks, and Adam's idea that he might be a performing dog is confirmed when the New Jersey Continental Circus contacts Adam: Star is theirs and they want him back. Nancy adores Star, so Adam schemes to return Star to his circus and get another dog and paint a star on his neck.[7][8] January 7, 1971


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