Nancy Schwartzman

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Nancy Schwartzman
Nancy Scwartzman.JPG
Nancy Schwartzman in 2015
Born Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, US
Residence New York City, US
Alma mater Columbia University
Occupation Filmmaker
Known for films on technology, teenagers, and sexuality

Nancy Schwartzman is an American director, producer, and mobile app developer, and the CEO of Circle of 6.

Schwartzman directed the 2009 documentary The Line[1], which premiered at the International Women's Film Festival[2] in Tel Aviv.

As a mobile app developer, she worked together with Thomas Cabus, Christine Moran, and Deb Levine to create the Circle of 6 app[3].

Schwartzman also worked on the social media advertising campaigns for the documentary films, The Invisible War and Girl Model.

Personal life[edit]

Schwartzman was raised in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She attended Harriton High School and the Shipley School during her childhood. In 1997, Schwartzman graduated from Columbia University in New York City[4].


Before becoming a documentary filmmaker, Schwartzman worked as a production assistant for Killer Films and received credit for Todd Solondz's Happiness and Todd Haynes' Velvet Goldmine.

In response to a spike in street violence in NYC, Schwartzman began her activism as the founder of NYC -[5] in December 2005. The initiative was noted in the New York Times, New York Daily News, Village Voice, and others. is Brooklyn-based neighborhood watch organization that provides maps to illustrate routes where sexual assaults have been reported. NYC-Safe also partners with community businesses which agree to serve as "safe havens" for women who may feel fearful while walking alone.[citation needed]

Schwartzman was also a founding editor and Creative Director of the print edition of Heeb magazine[6] in 2001.

The Line (2009)[edit]

In the film The Line, Schwartzman "explores the issue of consent, the burden of blame and the trouble society has defining the two."[5]

xoxosms (2011)[edit]

xoxosms[7] is a documentary that follows the life and loves of two modern youths, and explores the digital intimacy that comes with new social networking technology, seeing it less as harm than something that fosters open communication.

xoxosms was produced by Cinereach and premiered on PBS POV in July 2013. It was also featured on the BBC Radio 4 Digital Human series.

"Circle of 6" (2012)[edit]

Circle of 6 is a free anti-violence smartphone app. It won the 2011 White House Apps Against Abuse Contest,[8][9]with Vice President Joe Biden calling it "a new line of defense against violence" for young people. The app has more than 300,000 users in 36 countries.[10]


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