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Nancy Sit M.H.
Born (1950-03-30) 30 March 1950 (age 68)
Years active1960s - present
Shih Bo-hing (m. 1984–1995)
ChildrenJustina Shih
Jackson Shih
Jamie Shih
AwardsTVB Anniversary AwardsAll-Time Most Memorable Female Leading Roles
1999 A Kindred Spirit
My Favourite Television Character
2000 Return of the Cuckoo
2001 Virtues of Harmony
Best Host
2014 Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk
Life Achievement Award

Chinese name

Nancy Sit Ka Yin (Chinese: 薛家燕, MH born 30 March 1950) is a Hong Kong actress on the TVB network. Her acting career dated back to the 1960s, when she was a popular teen idol alongside Connie Chan Po-chu, and Josephine Siao. Sit recorded many albums in her teens, and later served as a mentor to Anita Mui, who went on to become one of the biggest superstars in Hong Kong history.

Sit left the entertainment business after she got married and raised a family, but in the early 1990s, her marriage fell apart when her husband left her. Sit was devastated and has said she contemplated suicide. But she thought of her children, which gave her the will to continue with life. She decided to get back into show business and was able to capitalize on the popularity she had achieved as a teen idol, even though it was so many years later.

She first starred in the long-running series A Kindred Spirit, playing one of the show's central figures. It was the longest-running series in Hong Kong history, with more than 1,000 episodes.

In 1975 she joined to Flatfoot Goes East, a film of Italian director Steno with well-known actor Bud Spencer. In this film, she plays the brief and touching role of a young mother which sacrifices herself to save the life of her son Yoko (Day Golo) from a gangster band.

Sit's recent work in TVB's TV series made her very popular in Southeast Asia. Sit stars in the sitcoms, Virtues of Harmony and its sequel Virtues of Harmony II. In Virtues of Harmony, Sit plays a boss of a Chinese restaurant in Ming Dynasty, and playing a similar character in a modern setting in its sequel, Virtues of Harmony II.

In 2000, Nancy is the first actress to be awarded the HKSAR Medal of Honour in Hong Kong.

In 2005 Nancy, and co-star William Hung, featured in the Hong Kong movie Where Is Mama's Boy. The accompanying soundtracks included theme songs from the movie that were performed by Nancy, William and Huang Yi-Fei (Wong Yat-Fei).

She also visited several countries, including Singapore and Malaysia, to promote shows in which she performed such as A Kindred Spirit and to host the Channel U variety special.

In late 2009, rumours circulated about Sit in regard to serious health problems (she had surgery to remove Gallstones and cholangitis).[1] Around this time, she was seen walking uneasily and needing assistance in public by her daughter. As of late 2010, Sit appears to have made a full recovery.

Nancy is the first actress to be awarded "Outstanding Women Professionals Award" at "The Outstanding Women Professional and Entrepreneurs Awards 2014" organized by Hong Kong Women Professional & Entrepreneurs Association. The TVB variety show "Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk" she hosted with Wong Cho Lam is also awarded "My Favourite TVB Variety / Infotainment Programme" and "My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host" at Star Hurb Awards 2014 in Singapore.



TVB series[edit]

Year Show Role TVB Anniversary Awards Notes
1995 A Kindred Spirit Leung Yun Ho All-Time Most Memorable Female Leading Role
1997 A Recipe for the Heart Yin Jan-jan (Cameo)
2000 Return of the Cuckoo Chu Sa Giu My Favourite Television Character
Nominated - Best Actress (Top 5)
The Threat of Love
2001 Virtues of Harmony Yau Nim Chi My Favourite Television Character
Nominated - Best Actress (Top 5)
2002 Police Station No. 7 Wong Ying Goo
2003 The Threat of Love 2 Fung Ying/Chu Sau Yuk/Tam Siu
/Ng Sui Gil/Fok Lau Sui Bik/Lee Han
2004 Virtues of Harmony II Yau Nim Chi
2007 Heavenly In-Laws Lo Fa/Flower Queen (warehoused)
2008 The Silver Chamber of Sorrows Choi Siu Diep Nominated - Best Actress (Top 10)
2009 Born Rich Sheung Hoi-mei
2011 River of Wine Kwan Wai-lan Nominated — TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress (Top 15)
2014 Queen Divas Ho Siu-lan
2015 My "Spiritual" Ex-Lover Nip Siu Sin

RTV / ATV series[edit]

Year Show Role Notes
1979 Dragon Strikes
It Takes A Thief
1990 The Third Radio Station
罗咏琴 sitcom

Other series[edit]

Year Show Role Notes
2000 Princess Ji Zhuang
穆赢太后 (Taiwan Television Station Series)
2005 Love Concierge
谢美娇 (Media Corp Series)
2007 Double Happiness
(China Central Television Series)


Feature Films[edit]

Year Film Role
1960 A Sound Judgement 二珠
1960 The Eagle Knight and the Crimson Girl 捉月
1960 The Grand Re-union 小神童十五寶
1960 A Song To Remember (Part 1) 文喜郎(童年)
1960 The Affairs Of Miss Ping (Part 1) 蔡美儀(童年)
1961 Crimson Girl 陳繼志(幼年)
1961 A Remindful Poem 梁驊生
1961 Tears Of Isolated Phoenix 江俊華(童年)
1961 Pagoda of Golden Snake 翠鳳(童年)
1961 Witness For The Prosecution 佐德
1961 Pair Of Jade Butterfly 婉兒
1961 Little Prime Minister (Part One) 小霞
1961 Beautiful Butterfly 白小碟
1961 Di Qing The Hero 狄龍
1961 Lui Bo 漢獻帝
1961 How Prince Chen Xiang Rescued His Mother from the Dragon Lake (Part 2) 大太子 涎香
1961 Feminine General 'Far Mok Lan' 花木棣
1961 Conqueress 楊九妹
1962 7 Playful Women
1962 Laka How Di Qing And The 5 Tigers Conquered The West 狄龍
1962 Tragedy On The Love Bridge
1963 The Big Revenge (Part Two) 陳小婷(童年)
1963 The Eight Fairies' Adventures In The Eastern Sea 三太子
1963 The Legend Of Li Xia 來興
1963 The Seven Heroes Of Wudang Mountain 陳志文
1963 Color Po Lin Tang 劉秋兒
1963 The Sword Couple 杜力雄
1964 The Beautiful Heaven 孔志玲
1964 Sad Autumn 易雪兒
1964 Bloody Plam Print 村女
1964 Elder Sister’s Story 李如豔
1964 Mysterious Murder 秦小雪
1964 The Snowflake Sword (Part 1) 葛煒
1964 The Snowflake Sword (Part 2) 葛煒
1964 The Snowflake Sword (Part 3) 葛煒
1964 The Snowflake Sword (Part 4) 葛煒
1965 The Six-fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 1) 鬼奴
1965 The Six-fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 2) 鬼奴
1965 Master Cute 飛女
1965 A Secluded Orchid By The Sea 素玲
1965 The Six-fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 3) 鬼奴
1965 A Brave Young Girl’s Spirit (Part 1) 康青萍
1965 A Brave Young Girl’s Spirit (Part 2) 康青萍
1965 Book Without Words 莫如嬌 - 紅狼
1966 You Do Me Wrong 丁淑媚
1966 Eternal Love 春桃
1966 Colorful Youth 蘇絲
1966 The Elusive Golden Butterfly 宋美娥
1966 Girls Are Flowers 陳珍珠
1966 Bitter Fear 周碧華
1967 Broadcast Queen 小菊
1967 Seven Princesses (Part 1) 5公主 - 金剛玉
1967 I Love A Go Go 楊英英
1967 Seven Princesses (Part 2) 5公主 - 金剛玉
1967 Prodigal in Distress 杜少红
1967 Bunny Girl 阿芬
1967 Sister's Lover 夢霜
1967 Every Girl a Romantic Dreamer 白雪雪
1968 Lady Songbird 王麗芳
1968 Four Gentlemanly Flowers 方玉菊
1968 Red Lamp Shaded in Blood 上官玉鳳
1968 Spring In The Garden 伍小紅
1968 The Killing Sword 小燕
1968 Wonderful Youth 江淑嫻/女諸葛
1968 The Saint
1968 Beauty In The Mist 阿萍
1969 Moments of Glorious Beauty 李安琪兒
1969 Miss Fragrance 林小燕
1969 The Devil Warrior 崔玉華
1969 Sky Dragon Castle 蓋盈盈
1969 Teddy Girls 馬碧珊
1969 Bloody Handkerchief 鐵玫瑰
1969 Mother Wants Me To Get Married 洪麗霞
1969 The Swinging Bunch 劉美麗
1969 Magic Cat 金小菊
1969 Singing Darlings 洪芍藥
1969 Let’s Build A Family 方蘭心
1970 Convivial Trio 陳秀麗
1970 The Desperados 黃玉蓮
1970 The Heart Stealer
1970 The Lonely Rider 于文翠
1970 The Young Girl Dares Not Homeward
1970 I’ll Get You One Day 李鳴鳳
1970 The Wedding Gown 周小玲
1970 Secret Agent No. 1
1970 The Fascination Love 菁菁
1970 Choi Lee Fat 余海燕
1970 Yesterday Today Tomorrow 羅佩嫦
1972 Hap Ki Do 小秀
1972 Action Tae Kwan Do Gwoi Ji
1973 Love Is A 4 Letter Word
1973 The Awaken Punch
1973 Stranger From Canton
1974 The Crazy T.V. Fans
1974 Every Day Is Sunday 阿喜
1978 The Dream Of The Red Chamber
1978 Dog Bites Dog Bone Nancy Sit *Director, Editor, Actor
1996 God of Cookery Judge
1997 Black Rose II Black Rose
2005 Where Is Mama’s Boy? 歡媽
2010 72 Tenants of Prosperity Lolita
2011 Anti-Crime Squad
2011 It's A Great Great World
2011 I Love Hong Kong
2011 All's Well, Ends Well 2011 鄭宇強之母
2014 Delete My Love 慈祥蘇花


Year Play
2000 Kindred Spirit Night

Program Host[edit]

Metro Radio Hong Kong[edit]

Year Program Partners
2000-2010 Families of The World United Tam Tak Chi, Raymond Chan Chi-chuen, Ruth Tsang, etc.
2009-2011 Guangdong Pop Carmen, Wong Sze Man
2012 Memorable Days of Nancy Sit's Performance Life
2011-2016 Happy Family Bob Lam Shing Bun, Ricky Fan, Wong Sze Man, Jackie Man, Bingo, etc.
2016–Present Happy Party Bob Lam Shing Bun, Ricky Fan, Wong Sze Man


Year Show
2010 Stars on the Menu
2011 The Law Society of Hong Kong Law Week Specials
2012 Let’s Play With Our Food
2013 Reigning Cats and Dogs
2014 Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk


Year Show
1975-1979 Nancy & Michael

Personal life[edit]

Nancy Sit is one of five sisters. Sit has three children from her marriage to Shek, Jamie, Justina and Jackson Shih. Justina and Jackson reside in the United States and Jamie with her in Hong Kong.

Since Sit fell ill in 2009, as of 2010 all three of her children returned to Hong Kong to lessen her work load and start a career in Hong Kong. Justina acts as Sit's manager as well as looking after Mother Hong Kong Arts Centre.


Performance Awards[edit]

Year Association Awards
1999 TVB Anniversary Awards All-Time Most Memorable Female Leading Role: A Kindred Spirit – Leung Yun Ho (Ho Yee)
2000 TVB Anniversary Awards My Favourite Television Character: Return of Cuckoo – Chu Sa-kiu (Kiu Yee)
2001 TVB Anniversary Awards My Favourite Television Character: Virtues of Harmony Yau Nim-chi
2004 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards in Malaysia My Favourite Character: Virtues of Harmony Yau Nim-chi
2010 Star Hub Awards 2010 in Singapore All-Time Most Memorable Female Leading Role: A Kindred Spirit – Leung Yun Ho (Ho Yee)
2014 Star Hub Awards 2014 in Singapore My Favourite TVB Variety / Infotainment Programme: Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk

My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host : Nancy Sit & Wong Cho Lam : Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk

Other Awards[edit]

Year Association Awards
2000 HKSAR Government The Medal of Honour (MH)
2008 Hong Kong Communication Art Centre Hong Kong Arts & Design Festival 2008 - Outstanding Charitable Artistes Awards
2014 Hong Kong Women Professional & Entrepreneurs Association Outstanding Women Professional and Entrepreneurs Awards 2014 - Outstanding Women Professionals Award


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