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Nancy Thomson de Grummond is the M. Lynette Thompson Professor of Classics and Distinguished Research Professor at Florida State University.[1] She specializes in Etruscan, Hellenistic and Roman archaeology. She serves as the director of archaeological excavations at Cetamura del Chianti in Italy.[2] Her current research relates to Etruscan and Roman religion, myth and iconography.

Selected publications[edit]

  • 1982 A Guide to Etruscan Mirrors
  • 1996 An Encyclopedia of the History of Classical Archaeology (editor) 2 v.
  • 2006 The Religion of the Etruscans (co-editor with Erika Simon)
  • 2006 Etruscan Mythology, Sacred History and Legend
  • 2009 The Sanctuary of the Etruscan Artisans at Cetamura del Chianti: The Legacy of Alvaro Tracchi

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