Naneun Ggomsuda

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Naneun Ggomsuda
Hosted by Kim Ou-joon, Chung Bong-ju, Choo Chin-woo, Kim Yong-min
Genre Politics of South Korea
Language Korean
Updates Weekly Updates
Debut April 27, 2011
End date December 18, 2012
Korean name
Hangul 나는 꼼수다
Revised Romanization Naneun Kkomsuda
McCune–Reischauer Nanŭn Kkomsuta

Naneun Ggomsuda (Korean: 나는 꼼수다), also known as Naggomsu (Korean: 나꼼수) is a popular South Korean podcast under the internet newspaper, Ddanzi Ilbo.[1] Naneun Ggomsuda is famous for lampooning the South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak. The hosts of Naneun Ggomsuda humorously call Lee Myung-bak as His Excellency or Gaka (각하) in Korean as a sarcastic title.[2][3] They have also made a satire song (based on a Christian hymn, Nearer, My God, to Thee) about Lee's disputes on his Naegok-dong property purchase.[4]

In political culture[edit]

  • The third son of former president Kim Dae-jung, Kim Hong-geol, comically cited a joke from Naneun Ggomsuda in which the criminal charge against the former anchor of Naneun Ggomsuda, Chung Bong-ju, was explained as "in order to prepare for Lee Myung-bak's prison life" during the publication and charity event for Lee Seo-ryeong (이서령), the head of the Daejeon branch of the Democratic United Party, on January 7, 2012.[5][6]


The South Korean military under the Lee Myung-bak government cracks down soldiers who have "critical apps" installed in their smartphones; allegedly marking Naneun Ggomsuda as an anti-government content.[7][8]

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