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Nang Ngumiti ang Langit
Nang Ngumiti ang Langit-titlecard.jpg
Nang Ngumiti ang Langit titlecard
Created byMel Mendoza-Del Rosario
Written by
  • Denise O'Hara
  • Michael Bryan Transfiguracion
  • Ruel Montañez
  • Erica Bautista
  • Mark Gopez
  • Jimuel dela Cruz
Directed by
  • FM Reyes
  • Marinette Natividad-de Guzman
StarringSophia Reola
Opening theme"Yakap Mo" by Dianne dela Fuente
Composer(s)Jonathan Manalo
Country of originPhilippines
Original language(s)Tagalog
No. of episodes62 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Edgar Joseph J. Mallari
Producer(s)Rizza Gonzales Ebriega
  • Jay Mendoza
  • Mai Marcial
  • BJ Karganilla
  • Kristine Hortaleza
  • Renz Amisola
Running time28–35 minutes
Production company(s)RSB Unit
Original networkABS-CBN
Picture format480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original releaseMarch 25, 2019 (2019-03-25) –
present (present)
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Nang Ngumiti ang Langit (Lit: When the Sky Smiles) is a 2019 Philippine drama television series starring Sophia Reola.[1] The series premiered on ABS-CBN's PrimeTanghali noontime block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on March 25, 2019, replacing Playhouse.[2]

Plot summary[edit]

The story follows the life of Mikmik, a young orphan growing up in a mansion belonging to the family of her late mother Ella, who is believed to be an illegitimate daughter of a family patriarch. In truth, her mother, Letitia Dimaano is Don Gabriel's first wife, whom he secretly marries in the beginning of his career, but forsakes for a life with Divina Salvador. The second marriage was not a happy one, and Divina later discovers that his first marriage to Letitia was never annulled. When Don Gabriel dies, Ella is not aware that she is a legitimate child and rightful legal heir to the wealthy Salvador estate. After Ella's untimely death, her daughter Mikmik seeks out her mother's family, hoping they accept her.


Ella Dimaano is a kind-hearted woman who moves to Manila to live with her wealthy father Don Gabriel Salvador to attend college and fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. She fears of being treated harshly by her father's wife Doña Divina Salvador because she believes that she is Gabriel's illegitimate daughter with Ella's mother Leticia.

Before Ella was born, Gabriel was secretly married to her mother Leticia Dimaano, but he abandons her for Divina. Dazzled by her beauty and offer to invest in his business, Divina entices Gabriel to ruin their marriage. Heartbroken and pregnant, Leticia moves to the province and raises Ella, never once seeking help from Gabriel. Divina instructs her lawyer and best friend Nante to destroy Gabriel's marriage records so she can marry Gabriel. As years pass, his marriage with Divinia is unhappy and she is unable to bear a child, Gabriel drifts away and becomes a workaholic. They adopt a child named Eric, who is adored by Divina but is ignored by Gabriel, who feels no connection to his adopted son.

Decades later, Don Gabriel brings Ella to live with them to pursue her college studies. Doña Divina is furious but helpless against the wishes of her husband. However, her son Eric forges a strong bond with his step sister, and the two siblings support each other in their daily challenges: Eric against the harsh coldness of their father, and Ella against the cruelty of her stepmother.

Ella is loved by the household staffs and she forms a close friendship with a servant maid Ruth. Don Gabriel admires Ella's intellectual capabilities as she consistently gets top marks in her academics, while Divina continues to despise her.

Ella's life turns upside down when Don Gabriel is assassinated. Divina immediately changes Ella’s status in the household from “daughter” to “maid”. She hides the will where Don Gabriel names Ella his heir, and the marriage certificate which grants Ella rights to her inheritance as his legitimate child.

Unaware of her true status, Ella continues to pursue her studies and perseveres as a maid in the Salvador household in exchange for her college tuition.

After the tragedy, Ella meets Michael Villaluna and they fall in love, keeping their relationship a secret because of the complications of both families: Michael is the son of David Villaluna, a builder and general contractor whose business relationship with the Salvador family turns sour after a catastrophic disaster with one of their projects. David is blamed for Don Gabriel's assassination, which occurs soon after legal and labor disputes charges are brought against the Villaluna family.

Ella's relationship with Michael is exposed by Michael’s ex-fiancée Katrina de Leon and now married to Eric Salvador. Katrina is jealous of Ella.

Just as Katrina expected, Divina is furious over her stepdaughter’s relationship with her enemy. She kicks Ella out of the Salvador mansion. While Michael rescues Ella, Eric learns about Ella's legitimacy and that Divina was hiding the truth from her. He arrives at the Villaluna mansion to tell her the truth but gets into a fight with Michael, resulting to Eric's accidental death as they grapple with a gun. Michael is arrested and goes to prison, while Ella returns home to her province, pregnant with Michael's child. Ella decides to raise her child alone, far away from the Salvadors and the Villalunas.

Ella gives birth to a baby girl she names Mikmik and both live in Ella’s childhood home in a barrio. Their humble and peaceful life is disrupted when Ella is diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. As they raise funds for Ella's chemotherapy, Mikmik discovers her mother's bag containing photographs and a letter from "E. Salvador", and assumes he is her father and believes they would help her mother with the chemotherapy. Mikmik meets Doña Divina, who immediately rejects the young girl's pleas for assistance. Ella dies from her disease and Mikmik’s life changes. She moves in with Ruth's family who are domestic staff for the Salvadors, much to the reluctance of Doña Divina and Katrina.


Katrina de Leon is an ambitious woman who wants to fulfill her own dreams. In love with Michael Villaluna, she hopes that marrying him will make her financially secure. But the catastrophic structural collapse of the Salvador building and the assassination of Don Gabriel Salvador changes everything when Michael's father David Villaluna is blamed for the misfortunes. Michael confronts his father demanding that they owe up to the structural collapse, but his father refuses. Not wanting to be part of David's unethical practices, Michael voices out his plans to leave the family firm since he has long wanted to venture out on his own. Worried about her financial security, Katrina tries to influence Michael to remain in the firm, but her strong opposition leads to an argument with Michael and they break up. She goes after Eric Salvador and eventually marries him after telling Eric that she is pregnant. Believing that Katrina does not love Eric, Doña Divina makes her sign a prenuptial agreement. Katrina's marriage is short-lived when Eric is fatally shot by Michael and James, and blames Ella for her husband's death. Katrina soon discovers that her inheritance from Eric is not as she expects. Distrustful of Katrina, Divina ensures that all of Eric's rightful assets are not in his name. Katrina's conjugal share is significantly diminished, and she is forced to live with and depend on her mother-in-law. Determined to obtain financial success, Katrina joins her mother in law’s company and becomes a member of the Board. She is also dead set at getting Michael back. She hates Mikmik and tries everything to get her to leave. Aware of the ongoing feud between the Salvadors and the Villalunas, she connives with David Villaluna, her mother in law’s arch enemy to beat Divina and win back Michael. She wants to keep Michael in the dark about Mikmik's parentage. When she discovers Divina's plan to legally adopt Mikmik, she threatens to withhold her mother in law's access to her daughters.

Unable to sway her mother in law, she decides to get rid of Mikmik. She arranges to have Mikmik kidnapped and sold to human traffickers. Her plan backfires when Amber is taken along with Mikmik.


Mikmik enters the Salvador mansion to live with Ruth's family and her fellow household staff. Treated cruelly by Katrina and her daughter Amber, Mikmik is determined to win their hearts and believes in the sense of belonging to a family, hoping that one day they will accept her.

Unaware of Divina's true motives, Mikmik is ecstatic when her grandmother begins to favor her and offers to adopt her.

Her joy of being accepted does not last long when Divina separates Ruth, Benjie and Joseph from her, transforming her dream come true into a traumatic nightmare.

Unable to manipulate Mikmik, Divina makes her a prisoner in the mansion, as Divina escalates the formal adoption to gain control of the Salvador fortune. Threatening and holding everyone hostage, she forces her household to paint a picture perfect home environment to the social worker conducting interviews to assess Mikmik’s home environment. She keeps Mikmik locked in her bedroom and threatens to separate her permanently from Ruth and Benjie if her answers during the interview negatively impacts the adoption.

Mikmik, however, stands by the truth and refuses to be intimidated by Divina. Fortunately, the social worker gleans through everyone’s guarded responses and assesses the situation correctly. She assures Mikmik she is her advocate and will not place her in an adoption that she is not comfortable with.

Chaos follows when human traffickers grab Mikmik and Amber as Michael arrives at the Salvador with a court ordered DNA test. Ruth and Benjie arrive too with a police escort, following child abuse complaints filed by two of Divina’s household staff.

After a brief chase and with the help of Katrina, the police rescue both children. Traumatized and dehydrated, the two girls are rushed to the hospital.

Mikmik is happy to see Ruth and Benjie, but asked to meet her father. Earlier, Ruth tells the child that her father is still alive. Michael and Mikmik finally meet.


A wealthy heiress who falls in love with Gabriel Salvador, the young, up and coming real estate builder and developer. The fact that he is already married to Letitia Dimaano does not bother her as she proceeds to seduce him with her captivating beauty and money. She succeeds because Gabriel leaves Letitia. Triumphant, Divina arranges to have the marriage records wiped away and for decades, she thinks the records were all destroyed in a fire. Upon her husband’s death, she discovers Gabriel's and Letitia's marriage certificate, and his Will where he grants his daughter Ella her rightful status as legal heir. This devastates Divina because she loves Gabriel despite their loveless relationship.

Earlier in their marriage, Divina learns that she is unable to bear children. They adopt Eric, but their relationship does not improve. On the contrary, when Gabriel learns that he has a daughter with Letitia, he brings the child, now a young lady starting off at College, to live in the mansion and finances her through school. Everyone assume she is his illegitimate child. Divina is furious but has no choice in the matter and is forced to accept the presence of Ella in their lives.

A decade after her son Eric dies and soon after Ella dies from Cancer, Divina meets Mikmik. As much as she despises the child: a reminder of Ella’s legitimacy and triumph over her, she schemes to control her deceased husband’s granddaughter: Mikmik is an asset and pawn to be used against her enemy David Villaluna, who still doesn’t know that Mikmik is Michael’s daughter. Divina is also very well aware of the fact that Mikmik stands to share the inheritance of the Salvador wealth if the truth about Ella’s legitimacy is revealed. Aware that it is only a matter of time before David discovers that Divina's marriage is invalid and that Mikmik is sole legitimate heir to the Salvador estate, she schemes to win the child's affection and to legally adopt her so she can control the funds.

So as much as Katrina would like to make Mikmik’s life difficult in the Mansion, Divina stays her hands and becomes her unlikely protector.

Things come to a head when Katrina discovers her adoption plan. Divina prepares to remove Mikmik from Ruth and Benjie via the legal adoption. She successfully separates Ruth and Benjie away from Mikmik with trumped up charges and then uses Joseph to make them agree to leave Mikmik with her.

Divina wastes no time coercing Mikmik to agree to her adoption. Her strategy backfires when the household staff team up to protect Mikmik. Her intimidation tactics do not work with them especially when Mikmik’s safety is at risk. She loses her adoption plan when faced with child abuse complaints. Worse, David Villaluna finally discovers Mikmik is Michael’s daughter. David suspects her true motives to steal the Salvador from Mikmik. As greedy as Divina, David schemes with Katrina to steal the Salvador wealth from Divina. He is aware that Ella’s mother is his legal wife, and Mikmik is the true heir.

At the hospital while the children are recuperating, the Social Welfare officer advises Divina that the adoption process is at a standstill as she faces child abuse charges filed against her and the court awaits the DNA testing and results of Michael and Mikmik. If Michael proves his paternity, he has a better chance to claim paternal rights.


Michael is David Villaluna’s eldest son, groomed to inherit his father’s steel fabrication industry. He is honest and kind, as he is handsome, and his dad’s favorite. David resents his second son James, believing he is a product of an affair.

The catastrophic collapse of the Salvador building creates a conflict within the Villalunas, as both Michael and James question their father’s unwillingness to provide recompense towards the victims of the tragedy, and question him on the allegations that they used inferior quality materials during the construction.

Michael does not approve of his father’s business practices and tells his father that he wants to leave the company. His younger brother, James, is more inclined to take over but David rejects his resignation.

Around the same time, Michael falls in love with Ella, but their secret relationship is exposed by Katrina. Michael comes to her aid when she is thrown out of the Salvador mansion by a furious Divina.

Meanwhile, Eric Salvador discovers Ella’s legitimacy and tries to tell her, but Michael and Eric exchange hot words outside the Villaluna mansion as they blame each other for Ella’s expulsion from the Salvadors. A fight ensues and Eric is accidentally shot and killed during the brawl. Michael takes the blame and is charged and subsequently sentenced to prison.

Michael serves his time as a model prisoner, and David tries to use his influence to obtain a parole for his son. Divina fights to have his paroles rejected.

One evening Michael puts his life on the line when he stops a prison break and saves a prison guard. This earns him a congressional pardon when the law enforcement and the community petition for his release.

While Michael is in prison, he is unaware that Ella succumbs to Cancer or that he has a child with her. He looks for her after his release and is devastated when he learns of her death. True to their promise to Ella, Ruth and Lola Esther keep Ella's pregnancy and subsequently her child, a secret.

Their paths cross when Michael saves Mikmik from danger. The pair bond, unaware that they are father and daughter. Not too long after, Michael suspects that Mikmik may be his daughter. Both he and James investigate and discovers her birth certificate in the public registry. As he tries to reclaim Mikmik, Divina impedes his attempts and threatens to send him back to jail for violating parole.

Unfazed by Divina’s bully tactics, and the resulting chaos at the Salvador when the two children were nabbed, Michael pursues all legal options to claim paternal rights. In an emotional meeting at the hospital, he is finally introduced as her father.


Cristine Reyes portrays Katrina de Leon-Salvador.
Main cast
Supporting cast
Guest cast
  • JB Agustin as Biboy
  • Isaac Reodica as Rocky
  • Lotlot Bustamante as Marilyn
  • Pat Liwanag as Chichi
  • Ethyl Anne Osorio as Sarah
  • Martha Comia as Shirley
  • Debbie Garcia as Irma
  • Kaye Abad[3] as Ella Dimaano Salvador Villaluna
  • Rafa Siguion-Reyna[6] as Eric Salvador
  • Isay Alvarez as Leticia Dimaano Salvador
  • Leo Rialp as Gabriel Salvador
  • Tetchie Agbayani as Elizabeth Villaluna
  • Gwen Zamora as young Divina
  • Victor Silayan as young David
  • Mico Palanca as young Gabriel
  • Jennica Garcia as young Leticia
  • Veyda Inoval as young Katrina
  • Ynez Veneracion as Katrina’s mom
  • Malou Canzana as Alexis
  • Nina Ricci Alagao as Atty. Sandejas
  • Carlos Morales as Lloyd


Kantar Media National TV Ratings
(11:30AM PST)
Pilot Episode Finale Episode Peak Average
March 25, 2019[11]
April 9, 2019

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