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Taiwan Railways Administration
Taiwan High Speed Rail
Taipei Metro
Nangang Station Building face to Zhongxiao East Road 20160723b.jpg
Nangang Station Building
Location No. 380, Sec.7, Zhongxiao E. Rd.
Nangang, Taipei
Operated by
Distance 19.1 km from Keelung
Connections Bus stop
Structure type At-Grade/Underground
Other information
Classification 一等 (Taiwan Railways Administration level)
Opened TRA: July 20, 1899 (original)
September 21, 2008 (underground)
Metro: December 25, 2008
THSR: July 1, 2016
Passengers Metro: 26,908 daily (2016)[1]
TRA: 13,809 daily (2014)[2]
THSR: 8,695 daily (2016)[3] (HSR)
Nangang Station
Traditional Chinese 南港車站

Nangang Station (Chinese: 南港車站; pinyin: Nángǎng Chēzhàn) (formerly transliterated as Nankang Station until 2003) is a major railway station located in Nangang, Taipei, Taiwan, parallel to Zhongxiao East Road. The station serves several modes of public transportation, including the bus system, Taiwan Railway Administration, and Taipei Metro (Nangang Line).[4] The station is also the terminus of the Taiwan High Speed Rail as of July 2016. The current underground Nangang Line station was the last one in the Taipei Metro that was built without platform screen doors.[citation needed]


The station platform, with artwork by Jimmy Liao on the platform wall.
Artwork by Jimmy Liao in the metro area of the station.

Nangang Station was originally built by the Japanese during Japanese rule of Taiwan in 1899 to support local industries and the growing population. Since then, the station has been upgraded three times to support tremendous growth: in 1905, in 1966 (due to the KMT moving the ROC government to Taiwan), and in 1986-1987 (to accommodate increased passenger traffic and new cargo traffic).


As with most urban train stations in Taipei, Nangang Station is currently being converted from a surface station to an underground station as part of the TRA's Taipei Railway Underground Project, an effort to move existing surface railways from Songshan Station to east of Nangang Station underground to accommodate growing traffic and economic development in Nankang Software Park. Existing TRA platforms were successfully moved underground on September 21, 2008. The 7.6-km tunnel project cost NT$76.5 billion.[5] The high-speed rail extension to the station will open for service by mid-2016.[6]

The new station will be similar to the new Banqiao Station in New Taipei City, which was reconstructed to accommodate underground platforms and mixed-use development on the existing station site. The two-level, underground station levels to accommodate expanded TRA platforms, new THSR platforms, and new MRT platforms for the Nangang Line which was opened on December 25, 2008. On January 3, 2010, Exits 3 and 4 for metro station were closed for construction of a passageway with the TRA station.[7] The entire project was completed in February 2011. Platform screen doors were installed on the Nangang Line platforms in August 2015.

Public art[edit]

The design of the Taipei Metro portion of the station centers around a "Nostalgia and Technology" theme with aqua green selected to signify an image of a fish pond. Paintings by artist Jimmy Liao are displayed around the station including on the platform walls. Many areas have sandblasted glass installed.[8] On the platform, a piece titled "Rapid Transit Platform, the Transport Dock" displays images on benches to evoke memories of former industries in Nangang.[9]

Platform layout[edit]

TRA 1, 2 1A, 1B West Coast Line (northbound) toward Qidu, Keelung
West Coast Line (southbound) toward Yilan, Su-ao, Hualien, Taitung
3, 4 2A, 2B West Coast Line (southbound) toward Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Fangliao
West Coast Line (northbound) toward Shulin
5, 6 3A, 3B Reserved for the Taipei-Yilan Direct Line Currently not in use
7 7 Reserved Platform Reserved for internal use
Taipei Metro 1 Line 5 (westbound) toward Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
2 Line 5 (eastbound) toward Dingpu/ Far Eastern Hospital

Station layout[edit]

20F-2F New development Under construction
Street Level Street level Entrance/Exit, Accessibility Elevator Barrier-free elevator from street level, Security, Taxi Stand
B1 Concourse Level Concourse, Restrooms
THSR Platform Level (Under construction)
B2 Lobby TRA Ticketing, Automatic Ticketing, Ticket Gate, Waiting Area
Restrooms, Travel Information Counter
TRA Counter, TRA Manager's Office
3F TRA Platforms TRA Control and Traffic Room, Offices
Platform 1A West Coast Line toward Keelung
through service Yilan Line toward Yilan, Hualien-Taitung (Xike)
Island platform
Platform 1B West Coast Line toward Keelung
through service Yilan Line toward Yilan, Hualien-Taitung (Xike)
Platform 2A West Coast Line toward Taipei, Kaohsiung
through service Yilan Line toward Shulin (Songshan Station)
Island platform
Platform 2B West Coast Line toward Taipei, Kaohsiung
through service Yilan Line toward Shulin (Songshan Station)
Platform 3A Taipei-Yilan Direct Line Not in service (toward Toucheng, Jiaoxi)
Island platform
Platform 3B Taipei-Yilan Direct Line Not in service (toward Toucheng, Jiaoxi)
7th track Public works use
Administration use Side platform
Taipei Metro Nangang Station
Street Level Entrance/Exit Entrance/Exit
B1 Lobby Lobby, information desk, automatic ticket dispensing machines, one-way faregates
Restrooms(inside ticketed area)
B2 Platform 1   Line 5 toward Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (Terminus)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 2   Line 5 toward Dingpu/ Far Eastern Hospital (Kunyang)

Around the station[edit]

  • Nanxing Park
  • Nangang Software Park
  • Carrefour Nangang Branch
  • Nangang Senior High School
  • Yucheng Junior High School
  • Nangang Elementary School
  • Dongxin Elementary School
Preceding station   Taiwan Railway Administration   Following station
toward Keelung
West Coast Line
toward Kaohsiung
Taipei Metro
toward Dingpu
Line 5
Taiwan High Speed Rail
Terminus Taiwan High Speed Rail
toward Zuoying

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Coordinates: 25°3′8″N 121°36′23″E / 25.05222°N 121.60639°E / 25.05222; 121.60639