Nanggu language

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Native toSolomon Islands
RegionNendo Island
Coordinates10°44′S 165°53′E / 10.733°S 165.883°E / -10.733; 165.883
Native speakers
210 (1999)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3ngr

Engdewu (formerly Nanggu, Nagu), is one of two Reefs – Santa Cruz languages spoken on Nendö Island (the other is called Santa Cruz). It was described in 2013 by linguist Anders Vaa.[3]


The language used to be known by outsiders as Nanggu (IPA: [naᵑɡu]), from the name of one of the villages where it is still spoken. This name is also spelled Nangu or Nagu.

The local population prefers to name the language Engdewu, after the name of the ancient village where it was initially spoken.[4][5] This name has now been adopted by linguists.[1]


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