Nanhai Pearl Artificial Island

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Nanhai Pearl Artificial Island
Nanhai Pearl Artificial Island in May 2016.jpg
Nanhai Pearl Artificial Island in May 2016
Location Off the coast of Holiday Beach, Hainan, China
Adjacent bodies of water Haikou Bay
Total islands 1
Area 3 km2 (1.2 sq mi)

Nanhai Pearl Artificial Island (Chinese: 南海明珠人工岛) is an artificial island under construction off the coast of Holiday Beach in Haikou Bay, Haikou, Hainan, China.[1][2] The island is owned and being developed by HNA Group. As of April 2016, it consists of a roughly circular body of land with a bridge providing access to and from the shore. It will ultimately become a visitor attraction with hotels. It will eventually take the shape of a yin-yang symbol and be about 266 hectares.[3]

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Coordinates: 20°04′19″N 110°14′10″E / 20.072°N 110.236°E / 20.072; 110.236