Namhkam Township

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Namhkam is located in Myanmar
Coordinates: 23°50′0″N 97°40′0″E / 23.83333°N 97.66667°E / 23.83333; 97.66667
Country Burma
StateShan State
DistrictMu Se District
Elevation2,516 ft (767 m)
Time zoneUTC+6:30 (MMT)

Namhkam Township (also known as Nanhkan Township) is a township of Mu Se District in the Shan State of eastern Myanmar. The principal town is Namhkam, a few miles away from Mu Se.


A large majority of the people in Namhkam Township are Shan and Kachin with a smaller presence of the Palaung.[2]


According to a survey conducted in 16 villages, poppy cultivation increased from 812 acres (328 hectares) to 1535 acres (617 hectares) within 2006-2007 season and 2008-2009 season.[3]


The Shan State Army-North (SSA-N) and Shan State National Army (SSNA) are active in Namhkam Township.[4] Pansay Militia is one of eight influential militias.[5] Kyaw Myint, head of Pansay Militia, was selected as a USDP candidate of Namhkam for Shan State Hluttaw.[6][7]


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