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Nanhu District (Chinese: 南湖区; Pinyin: Nánhú Qū) is a district in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province of China. Its former name was Xiucheng District (秀城区), and it changed to current name on 17 May 2005. Total area is 425.83 km2, and total population is 450,000 in 2001.


Nanhu District is divided into 13 township-level towns or subdistricts(街道), include 5 inner subdistricts, 4 outer subdistricts and 4 towns.

Five inner subdistricts: one is in the center: Jianshe(建设); four are Jiefang(解放) in the northeast, Xinjia(新嘉) in the northwest, Xinxing(新兴) in the southwest, Nanhu in the southeast.

Four outer subdistricts: Chengnan(城南) in the southwest, Changshui(长水) in the south, Dongzha(东栅) in the east, Qixin(七星) in the northeast.

Four towns: Yuxin, Fengqiao, Xinfeng, Daqiao.

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Coordinates: 30°45′N 120°46′E / 30.750°N 120.767°E / 30.750; 120.767