Nanhu Mountain

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Nanhu Mountain
NanhuMountain 02.jpg
Highest point
Elevation3,742 m (12,277 ft)
Listing100 Peaks of Taiwan
Mountains in Taiwan
Coordinates24°21′42″N 121°26′22″E / 24.3618°N 121.4394°E / 24.3618; 121.4394Coordinates: 24°21′42″N 121°26′22″E / 24.3618°N 121.4394°E / 24.3618; 121.4394
Nanhu Mountain is located in Taiwan
Nanhu Mountain
Nanhu Mountain
The location of Nanhu Mountain
(Taroko National Park)
LocationHeping District, Taichung, Taiwan
Parent rangeCentral Mountain Range

Nanhu Mountain (Chinese: 南湖大山) is a mountain in Taroko National Park, Heping District, Taichung, Taiwan with an elevation of 3,742 m (12,277 ft). It is the 5th highest mountain in Taiwan.

Nanhu Salamander (Hynobius glacialis) is a rare salamander that was first described from this mountain.[1]

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