Naniwa Kawashima

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Naniwa Kawashima (Japanese: 川島浪速; Kawashima Naniwa; 1865-1949) was a Japanese spy who worked in Manchuria. He was close friend of Shanqi, the 10th Prince Su, who had inherited the allegiance of the tribes of Inner Mongolia. Prince Su was also a close friend of the Japanese empress's uncle, Prince Kanin.

After Prince Su's death, his daughter Dongzhen (東珍; lit. "east jewel"), was adopted at the age of eight, by Kawashima. Kawashima raised her as his own daughter and re-educated her as a Japanese, adopting the name Yoshiko Kawashima. She later accused him of raping her at the age of 17, and went on to become a spy in China for the Japanese.

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