Nanjing–Gaochun Intercity Railway

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Intercity Railway
NJM Line S1 icon.svg
Nanjing Metro Line S1 Train.jpg
A line S1 train is leaving Zhengfangzhonglu Station
Type Suburban metro
Status In operation
Termini Nanjing South Railway Station
Lukou International Airport
Stations 8
Daily ridership 53,000 (2014 Avg.)
94,000 (2014 Peak)[1]
Opened July 1, 2014
Character Underground and elevated
Line length 35.8 km (22.2 mi)
Number of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

The Nanjing–Gaochun Intercity Railway, commonly known as the Ninggao Intercity Railway (Chinese: 宁高城际轨道交通; pinyin: Níng gāo chéng jì guǐdào jiāotōng[Note 1]) or Airport Line is a suburban metro rail line serving the southern suburbs of Nanjing. In early planning documents, it was called Line 6 of Nanjing Metro; now it is designated as Line S1 of the city's metro system.

The Ninggao Line's first stage connects Nanjing South Railway Station with Nanjing Lukou International Airport. It is 34.9 km long has 8 stations.[2] The line started construction on December 27, 2011,[3][4] and was opened on July 1, 2014.

A future extension of the line will start from Lukou New City North Station (禄口新城北站; the 6th station, counting from Nanjing South Railway Station), and extend further south, to Gaochun District, for the total length of 85.8 km.[5]

A view of HHU-Fochengxilu Station

In September 2011 a contract for 15 6 car Type B metro trains was given to CSR Corporation Limited, with the first train arriving in August 2013.[6]

Station list[edit]

Station Name
Station Name
Platform Types
Nanjing South Railway Station 南京南站 Island & Dual-side (Underground)
 1   3 
[Cuiping Mountain]
翠屏山 Island (Underground) Jiangning
Hohai University – Fochengxilu
[Hohai University – West Focheng Road]
河海大学·佛城西路 Side (Underground)
[Jiyin Avenue]
吉印大道 Island (Underground)
[Middle Zhengfang Road]
正方中路 Island (Elevated)
[Xiangyu Road North]
翔宇路北 Island (Elevated)
[Xiangyu Road South]
翔宇路南 Dual-island (Elevated)
Lukou International Airport 禄口机场 Island (Underground)


  1. ^ "Ning" (宁), is the standard Chinese abbreviation for Nanjing. It comes from the name Jiangning that the city had in the early Qing.


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