Nanjing Radio

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Nanjing Radio
Broadcast area Nanjing, China
Frequency Internet, AM, and FM
First air date ?
Format various
Nanjing Radio
Traditional Chinese 江南廣播網
Simplified Chinese 江南广播网

Nanjing Radio (Group), (Chinese: 江南广播网, Pinyin: Jiāngnán Guǎngbō Wǎng, translated as "South River Broadcasting Station") is a family of radio stations that serve the Nanjing China area. It is also associated with the Nanjing Television Broadcast Group.

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List of Nanjing radio stations[edit]

  • Comprehensive News Channel (O1)
  • Education Channel (O5)
  • Film/Television Channel (O2)
  • Literature Channel (O3)
  • Lifestyle Channel (O4)
  • Kids Channel (O7)
  • Nanjing News (Xinwen) Channel (NJXWT)
  • Nanjing Economy Channel (NJJJT1)
  • Nanjing Sports Channel (NJJJT2)
  • Nanjing Music (Yin Yue) Channel (NJYYT)
  • Nanjing Traffic (Jiao Tong) Channel (NJJTT)