Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park

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Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park
LocationPukou District, Nanjing, China
OwnerCity of Nanjing
OperatorNanjing Sport Industry Group
Capacity20,000 (indoor arena)
18,000 (stadium)
Built27 December 2011[1]
Nanjing Monkey Kings (basketball)[2]

The Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park (Chinese: 南京青奥体育公园) is a sport complex located in Pukou District, Nanjing, China. Its construction was started in December 2011 as part of the venues used for 2014 Summer Youth Olympics. The complex, which occupies around 1,000,000 m2 of land, consists of a main arena with other smaller sport venues.[3]

Main arena[edit]

The main arena consists of two parts, a 20,000 seater indoor arena and a 18,000 seater outdoor stadium.[1] Unveiled in November 2017, the indoor arena is the largest indoor stadium in China.[4] The indoor arena can host a wide range of sports such as basketball, badminton, ice hockey, and gymnastics competitions.

Other facilities[edit]

During the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games, some permanent and temporary venues were built such as BMX Park, rugby sevens field, hockey field, modern pentathlon course, and beach volleyball arena.[3] There is also the Nanjing Olympic Museum located in the park.[5]

Tournaments hosted[edit]


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