Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo

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Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo
Date opened 1998
Location Nanjing, China
Coordinates 32°05′39″N 118°47′54″E / 32.0941024°N 118.7982634°E / 32.0941024; 118.7982634Coordinates: 32°05′39″N 118°47′54″E / 32.0941024°N 118.7982634°E / 32.0941024; 118.7982634
Number of animals 3,000
Number of species 280

The Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo (Chinese: 南京红山森林动物园) is a zoological park in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu province, China. Located on 168 Heyan Road in the northern section of Nanjing city, it is a 171 acres (69 ha) park and forest with 280 kinds of animals.[1]


Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo was founded in 1998 by combining the former Xuanwu Lake Zoo and Hongshan Park. Starting in 1928 the Nationalist government in Nanjing had a zoo of birds, monkeys, bears and other animals north of Xuanwu Lake.[2]


The zoo consists of Xiaohongshan bird region, Dahongshan beast region, Fangniushan herbivore and Primate animal region, and an amphibian and reptile hall. There are 280 species among the 3000 animals in the zoo. There are protected animals such as Asian elephant, giraffe, zebra, kangaroo, white tiger, panther, orangutan, mandrill, flamingo, macaw parrots, gold python and so on. The first degree protected species from China at the zoo include giant panda, golden monkey, gibbon, red-crowned crane, northeast tiger, and Yangze alligator. Animal performances are conducted daily.[3]


The zoo is accessible from Hongshan Zoo Station of Nanjing Metro.


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