Nankoweap Trail

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Nankoweap Trail
Length 13.9 mi (22.4 km)
Location Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States
Trailheads North Rim
Colorado River,
Grand Canyon (North Rim)
Use Hiking
Elevation change 6,040 ft (1,840 m)
Highest point North Rim, 8,840 ft (2,690 m)
Lowest point Colorado River, 2,800 ft (850 m)
Hiking details
Trail difficulty Expert
Season Early Spring to
Late Fall
Sights Grand Canyon
Colorado River
Puebloan granaries
Hazards Severe Weather
Flash Flood
The "scary part" of the Nankoweap Trail

The Nankoweap Trail is an unmaintained hiking trail on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, located in the U.S. state of Arizona. The Nankoweap trail descends 6,040 feet in 14 miles from the Saddle Mountain trailhead to Nankoweap Creek and on to the Colorado River. It is considered to be the hardest of the trails into the Canyon. Hikers have to carry and cache water as there is none in the 11 miles between the trailhead and Nankoweap Creek.

In June 1996, a Boy Scouts group ran out of water in the vicinity of this trail, although they were not following the actual trail, but an off-trail route on a nearby ridge.[1] Although one member managed to reach the Colorado River, another ultimately died from heat exhaustion and dehydration.[2] This was covered in season 2 of I Shouldn't be Alive.

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