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Nanna Lüders Jensen (born 23 July 1963), known by the stage name of Nanna, is a Danish songwriter and singer.[1] She is best known for her hit single "Buster" from 1984, the theme song for Bille August's children's television series and movie Busters verden.[2] Since then she has released several albums.[3] In 1985 she won a competition organized by the Danish Red Cross to write a song in connection with the relief effort for 1983–85 famine in Ethiopia - that also included Eritrea. The competition was inspired by the song We Are the World. The song is called "Afrika" ("Africa") and features a number of major Danish artists from the mid-1980s and won her a Grammy award.[1] In 2005 she also published the autobiography Stjerne for altid (Star forever).


  • 1982 Nanna
  • 1983 Små Blå breve
  • 1985 Shi-bu-mi
  • 1988 Fannys hjerte
  • 1989 I Danmark er jeg født
  • 1991 Rocking Horse
  • 1995 Prinsesse Himmel-i-mund
  • 1997 Honey I'm home
  • 2005 Pletskud og vildskud (best of)
  • 2005 Giv dig hen
  • 2011 Nødigt men dog gerne



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