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Nannie Lambert Power O'Donoghue (1843–12 January 1940) was an Irish poet, equestrian, journalist, novelist, musician and social activist.


Lambert was the youngest child in the family of Charles Lambert of Athenry, and a member of a well-known landlord family of County Galway. She married William Power O'Donoghue and became '"a highly respected journalist as well as an accomplished equestrian. One of her volumes, Riding for Ladies, was translated into five languages and over 94,000 copies were printed. Her novel, A Beggar on Horseback, sold over 23,000 copies. In her capacity as a journalist, Nannie contributed prose pieces to a variety of newspapers." Her articles often concerned social issues and animal welfare.

Her death notice in The Irish Times called for "No flowers, no mourning, help the poor instead."


  • Spring Leaves, London, 1877.
  • Ladies on Horseback;Learning Park-riding and Hunting; With Hints upon costume and Numerous Anecdotes, London, W.H. Allen and Co., 1881 and 1891.
  • Unfairly Won, 3 volumes, London, Chapman and Hall 1882.
  • A Beggar on Horseback, 3 volumes, London, Hurst and Blackett, 1884.
  • The Common Sense of Riding; Riding for Ladies, with Hints on the Stable, London, W.Thacker and Co., 1887 and 1904.
  • Rhymes for Readers and Recieters, Dublin, 1895.

Family tree[edit]

  John Lambert of Creg Clare, fl. 1645-after 1669.
 =Redish Lynch, daughter of Thomas Lynch, Mayor of Galway =Mary French
  |                                                            |
  |___________________________                                 |
  |                          |                                 |
  |                          |                                 |
  Mary                       Joseph of Mayo                    Charles Lambert of Creg Clare, k. Derry, 1689.
 =Robert French of Rashane                                    =Janet Taylor of Ballymacragh (Castle Taylor)
                                                        Walter Lambert of Creg Clare
                                                =Miss Hamilton =Sybilla Martyn of Tullira 
                                                |              |
                                                |              |__________________________________________
                                                |              |      |               |        |         |
                                                |              |      |               |        |         |
                                                Charles       John  Peter, d. 1836. Thomas   Belinda   Ms. Lambert
                                                                   =Miss Carrol of Ardagh                                  
                                        |                                         |
                                        |                                         |
                                        Walter Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen.     Sabina Lambert
                                        =Ellen Tubbs                              =Thomas Mahon of Belleville, Co. Galway.
                                        |                                         | 
                                        |                                         |
                                        Peter, 1785-1844.                         Charles, b. 1804.
                                        =Eleanor Seymour =Maria Louisa Caroll     =Jane Catherine Irwin of Oakfield, County Sligo.
                                        |                      |                                        |
                                        |                      |                                        |
                                        Isabella               Louisa Maria, 1837-1904                  Nannie, 1843–1940
                                        =Edward Henry Carson   =Henry Jenkins Stavely Bowdler           =William Power O'Donoghue
                                        Edward Carson


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