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NanoFX Graphics Renderer
Developer(s) Nanobyte, Lost Jedi, Charles Humphrey
Preview release Pre-Release Alpha 1.8a / 26/12/2010
Operating system Microsoft Windows

NanoFX Graphics Renderer (previously known as NanoFX GE) is a graphics rendering engine for the Microsoft Windows platform being developed by Michael T. Braams. Known to the Star Trek Bridge Commander modding community as NanoByte, Michael T. Braams is highly regarded for his work on the visual effects enhancement mod, NanoFX.

The renderer is being designed primarily for space simulation games and currently supports many high end Direct X 9 features such as normal mapping and specular mapping, planetary atmosphere effects, HDR lighting and glow and bloom effects. Other visual effects such as explosions and weapon effects have been roughly implemented as part of the 1.7a release of the NanoFX Viewer.

NanoFX GR is in pre-release alpha version 1.8a. Its development is ongoing, however updated versions of the model viewer will no longer be made available anymore. Focus for development has been giving to developing NanoFX GR within the Evolved Engine.[1]

Games in development[edit]

Star Trek: Excalibur[edit]

The NanoFX Graphics Renderer is being used alongside Newton Physics Engine within the Evolved Engine developed primarily by John Hardy. This combination will form the game engine for Star Trek: Excalibur developed by Avalon Studios. The game draws its inspiration from past Star Trek games such as Star Trek Bridge Commander, Klingon Academy and Starfleet Command and is in development as a fan game.

The Evolved Engine has a modular design, as a result the engine will support both interior and exterior gameplay meaning the player can not only command the bridge of a starship, but also leave the bridge, head to the shuttlebay, leave the ship by shuttlecraft and take part in combat operations. This immersive element is the kind that will be seen in Star Trek: Excalibur.


  1. ^ For simplicity when referring to the Game Engine, refer to the name of "Evolved Engine". If it is something visual then it is NanoFX Graphics Renderer.

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