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Samsung Nanoradio Design Centre
Industry Wireless Semiconductors
Founded 2004
Headquarters Kista, Sweden
Key people
Pär Bergsten, Tord Wingren, Keith Cornell
Products Fabless semiconductor, connectivity chips
Number of employees
66 (as of 2011)

Nanoradio was a company based in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden. Nanoradio is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer with a main product line focus of connectivity products. The company is specializing in producing the smallest Wi-Fi chipsets by solution size on the market with extremely low power consumption. The company slogan is "Always On Wi-Fi". Was bought by Samsung in 2012.[1]

Company history[edit]

The company was founded in March 2004 and it is a “fabless” company. Nanoradio has a leading team of extensive experience from the cellular and wireless industry as well as semiconductor industry and start-ups. The head office is in Kista, Stockholm and with sales offices in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and US as well as R&D test centre in Patras, Greece. During last years, Nanoradio has been awarded a significant number of new design-wins and lots of market recognitions and awards.[1][2]


Nanoradio provides unique Wi-Fi solutions, making high speed wireless access possible in all portable electronics, such as mobile phones, MIDS, cameras and headsets. Key features include ultra low power consumption, smallest size as well as a unique support for audio applications.[1]

Nanoradio is the first company to offer a unique true one chip solution, the “Eco-Fi“ family. Combining the Baseband/MAC, RF transceiver and Power Management into a single silicon die offering allows to have the complete WiFi-functionality within an area of less than 35 mm², constantly switched on with a minimum of power consumption. The “Eco-Fi” product family is supporting 802.11 b/g/n standards. This high integrated solution enables the lowest possible cost and size for customers.[1]

Nanoradio has become a well established Wi-Fi supplier with key design wins with several top 5 mobile phone players, MIS players and large camera companies. Nanoradio's Wi-Fi is ported to most major cellular platforms and operating systems.[1]



The following is a list of Nanoradio targeted applications:


Nanoradio has its headquarters in Kista, Sweden. Moreover, the company has sales offices in 5 further countries.[1]


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