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A Nanosite is a downloadable offline mini-website using both Java ME and .NET Framework.

Nanosites have become popular amongst companies that want to use another media for corporate branding.

A Nanosite can be easily downloaded to a mobile handset via WAP, GPRS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Nanosite, or nano-site, has been used to refer to interactive rich media ads that bring some of a website's content and functionality into the ad unit.

In popular culture[edit]

In Neal Stephenson's novel The Diamond Age a nanosite represents a microscopic entity with a specific function, not necessarily deleterious, but also within biopolitics policies: "[...] the court physician had introduced a set of nanosites— nanotechnological parasites—under the supervision of Miss Pao." (Stephenson, (1995) The Diamond Age, New York, Bantam: p. 132)