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Nanotek performing in Wellington, New Zealand
Background information
Birth name Mark Christianson
Also known as Cybakotic
Origin Wellington, New Zealand
Genres Darkstep, drum and bass, dubstep, industrial
Occupation(s) Producer, musician, DJ
Years active 2006–present
Labels Barcode Recordings
Counterstrike Recordings
Freak Recordings
PRSPCT Recordings
Associated acts Counterstrike
Current Value

Nanotek, born Mark Christiansen, is an international drum and bass and dubstep producer and DJ from Wellington, New Zealand.[1] Nanotek gained international recognition in 2007 with releases on darkstep labels such as Freak Recordings and Obscene Recordings.[2] More recent projects include collaborations with artists such as Counterstrike, Current Value and Gein[3] as well as Christiansen's first release on his self-titled label, Nanotek.


Nanotek has been involved with music since his teenage years when he played guitar and drums in metal bands. In the mid 90s he discovered industrial and electronic music. Moving to Wellington in 2003, Christiansen was introduced to the sounds of Dom & Roland, Photek, and Dylan, which became key influences in his darkstep and hard sound.

During this period, saw him presenting a regular prime time show on electronic music station Firm FM.[4] An invitation from Wellington's Noise Enthusiast crew to headline their night 'Descend' was the first step that took Christiansen on to supporting DJs such as Tech Itch and Limewax.[5]

His break came in late 2006 when Dylan, owner of Freak Recordings, signed two of his tracks, Acid Burn and Deadly Force, to his sister label Obscene Recordings.[6]
This was a turning point for Christiansen, who gained international recognition from DJs such as Current Value, SPL, Limewax, B-Key, Tech Itch, Gein, and Counterstrike, as a result.



  • 2006: Nightwatch on Intransigent Digital[7]
  • 2007: Acid Burn / Deadly Force[8]
  • 2007: Fresh Hell on Freak Recordings[9]
  • 2007: The Vengeful on Intransigent Recordings[10]
  • 2007: Those Who Dwell Within on Intransigent Recordings[11]
  • 2009: Never Say Die / Angels of Truth[12]
  • 2009: Behemoth / Better Place on Tech Itch Records[13]
  • 2010: The Master with Gein on Guerilla Recordings[14]
  • 2010: Blackness with Counterstrike on Counterstrike Recordings[15]
  • 2011: Code of Chaos on Prspct Recordings[16]
  • 2011: Resurrection EP on Nanotek[17]
  • 2011: The Freak Obscene Days EP on Nanotek[18]


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