Nantucket Regional Transit Authority

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Nantucket Regional Transit Authority
NRTA shuttle logo.png
Parent Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Founded 1993 (1993)
Headquarters 3 East Chestnut Street, Nantucket, MA 02554
Locale Nantucket, Massachusetts
Service type Bus service, paratransit
Routes 10
Hubs Greenhound Building
Fleet 23 buses[1]
Fuel type Electric and diesel
Operator Valley Transportation Services of Massachusetts, Inc.
Administrator Paula Leary[1][2]

The Nantucket Regional Transit Authority (NRTA) is the public transport authority on the island of Nantucket in Massachusetts, USA. It operates a network of shuttle buses during the late spring, summer, and early fall seasons, in addition to year-round paratransit service.

The NRTA's shuttle bus service, The Wave (also referred to as the NRTA Wave), is branded using blue and white colors. Paratransit service is branded as Your Island Ride using red and white livery.


NRTA was created by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 161B in 1993, but did not begin to operate until 1995, when it had only four buses operating on two routes.[1]

Your Island Ride is offered year-round, but The Wave only operates seasonally. A current study will explore whether the demand for year-round Wave service is feasible.[2]


The Wave operates 10 seasonal scheduled bus routes, which are operated by Valley Transportation Services of Massachusetts (VTS of MA). Buses serve Madaket, Miacomet, Mid-Island, the Airport, and Siasconset. Two additional routes serve Jetties and Surfside beaches under the "Beach Bus" route designation.[3] The NRTA also operates the "Wave Ferry Connector", a free service for ticketed ferry passengers connecting the Steamship and Hy-Line docks to the town's park and ride lot.[4]

Your Island Ride has been servicing people with disabilities and people aged 60 and older since 2001. The service operates as a door-to-door reservation van.[5]


The following fares for The Wave are active as of Summer 2015.[6] Your Island Ride is a complimentary service.[5]

Route Dates Fare
Airport Route June – September $2.00
Ferry Connector May – October Free1
Jetties Beach Route June – September $1.00
Madaket Route May – September $2.00
Miacomet Loop May – October $1.00
Mid-Island Loop May – October $1.00
Sconset via Milestone Road June – September $2.00
Sconset via Old South Road May – October $2.00
Sconset via Polpis Road June – September $2.00
Surfside Beach Route June – September $2.00
  1. Free for ticketed ferry customers only, others must pay $1.00.


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