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Nanum Gothic
Nanum Gothic Example.jpg
Designer(s)Sandoll, Naver
LicenseSIL Open Font License

The Nanum fonts (Korean나눔글꼴; RRNanum Geulkkol) is a series of open source unicode fonts designed for the Korean language, designed by Sandoll Communications (Korean: 산돌 커뮤니케이션) and Fontrix (Korean: 폰트릭스). It includes a sans serif (gothic), serif (myeongjo), monospace (coding), pen script, and brush script typefaces. It was published and distributed by Naver.[1]

It is the basic Korean font of Ubuntu Linux since version 12.04. The five Nanum fonts are also included in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.[citation needed]


Nanum Gothic[edit]

It was designed by Sandoll Communications and released in 2008-2011. It has three weights without Italics

Nanum Gothic Coding[edit]

Example of Nanum Gothic Coding. The snippet of text is Programming in Korean

It is similar with Nanum Gothic but is designed for developers to use easily. It was released in 2009. It is the monospaced edition of Nanum Gothic. It has two weights without Italics.

Nanum Myeongjo[edit]

Example of Nanum Myeongjo. Seoul is the capital of South Korea

It was designed by Fontrix and released in 2008. It has three weights without Italics

Nanum handwriting (brush and pen)[edit]

Example of Nanum Brush Script. Chicken Noodle Soup is a very robust kPop song
Example of Nanum Pen Script

It consists of two types of handwriting, brush and pen. It was included with the Nanum Fonts 3.0 version.

Nanum Gothic Eco and Nanum Myeongjo Eco[edit]

It was developed by technical tie-up with Ecofont BV. It was designed to save ink on printers.

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