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Nanum font (Korean: 나눔글꼴) is a Unicode font designed for the Korean language, designed by Sandoll Communications (Korean: 산돌 커뮤니케이션) and Fontrix (Korean: 폰트릭스). It includes the sans serif (gothic), serif (myeongjo), pen script and brush script typefaces. The publisher and distributor is Naver.

The license of Nanum font is Open Font License 1.1.[1]

It is the basic Korean font of Ubuntu Linux since version 12.04. The four Nanum fonts are also included in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.[citation needed]


Nanum Gothic[edit]

It had been designed by Sandoll Communication and released in 2008 to 2011. It support 4,888 words of Chinese character.

Nanum Gothic Coding[edit]

It is similar with above Nanum Gothic but is designed for developers to use easily. It had been released in 2009. It is a mono-spaced font.

Nanum Myeongjo[edit]

It had been designed by Fontrix and released in 2008. Unlike Nanum Gothic it doesn't support Chinese character.

Nanum handwriting[edit]

It is consisted of two types of handwriting, brush and pen. It had been included with Nanum Fonts 3.0 version.

Nanum Gothic Eco, Nanum Myeongjo Eco[edit]

It had been developed by technical tie-up with Ecofont BV. It is designed for economical of inks.

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