Naoki Shigematsu

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Japanese name
Kanji 重松直樹
Kana しげまつ なおき
Naoki Shigematsu
Personal information
Country represented Japan
Born (1977-12-24) December 24, 1977 (age 39)
Kanagawa, Japan
Height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Former coach Takashi Mura
Former choreographer Robert Daw
Skating club Shinmatsudo D.O.S.C.
Former training locations Chiba, Shinmatsudo Ice Arena
Began skating 1982
Retired 2000

Naoki Shigematsu (重松 直樹, Shigematsu Naoki?, born December 24, 1977) is a Japanese former competitive figure skater. He is the 1994 World Junior silver medalist and placed 23rd at the 1995 World Championships. He retired from competitive skating following the 2000 Four Continents Championships.

Shigematsu is a coach and choreographer who has worked with Takahito Mura,[1] Rumi Suizu,[2] Kento Nakamura,[3] Risa Shoji,[4] and Hirofumi Torii.[5]


GP: Champions Series/Grand Prix

Event 93–94 94–95 95–96 96–97 97–98 98–99 99–00
Worlds 23rd
Four Continents 14th
GP Cup of Russia 5th
GP NHK Trophy 12th
GP Skate Canada 14th
Asian Games 7th
International: Junior[6]
Junior Worlds 2nd
Japan Champ. 2nd 2nd 6th 2nd 2nd 3rd


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