Naoko Yamano

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Naoko Yamano
Shonen Knife-7.jpg
Yamano performing live in Manhattan at the Blender Theater, November 19, 2007
Born (1960-12-18) December 18, 1960 (age 59)
Years active1981–present
RelativesAtsuko Yamano (sister)
Musical career
Associated actsShonen Knife

Naoko Yamano (山野直子, Yamano Naoko, born December 18, 1960) is a musician and founder of the Japanese rock trio all-female band Shonen Knife.


Naoko formed Shonen Knife in December 1981 in Osaka, Japan with her sister Atsuko Yamano and her friend Michie Nakatani.[1][2] Naoko and Michie had developed a friendship while attending college together. After they graduated, they began working at different companies but soon came to be bored with the mundaneness of corporate life. Since they all deeply loved music, the three decided to play music together just for the fun of it.[3] Naoko sang lead and played guitar, Nakatani was also a lead singer and played bass and keyboards, and Atsuko sang backup, played drums, and designed their stage outfits.[3][4] With the departure of Nakatani and Atsuko relegated to part-time duty due to marriage, Naoko stands as the only remaining member of the original lineup. Her musical preference leans towards 1970s hard rock and heavy metal such as Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, and Black Sabbath as well as 1960s pop groups and punk rock bands such as The Beatles, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Buzzcocks, and The Ramones.[1]


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