Naolan language

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Region NE Mexico
Extinct ca. 1950
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog naol1234[1]
Naolan lang.png
The location of Naolan in Tamaulipas state

Naolan is a barely attested extinct language that was spoken a five-hour walk from Tula, Tamaulipas in north-east Mexico. It is only known from 48 words compiled from a few phrases collected in the 1940s, and was nearly extinct at that time (Weitlaner 1948). Naolán has been compared to numerous languages, but none are obviously close and there is not enough data to spot more distant relationships. Six of the words are Spanish loans, five more appear to be loans from neighboring languages, and another four are suspected loans, leaving little to work with. Campbell (1979, 1997) therefore considers it unclassified.


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