Naomi Ishida

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Naomi Ishida
Born(1969-08-06)6 August 1969
Died18 July 2019(2019-07-18) (aged 49)
Fushimi, Kyoto, Japan
Cause of deathArson attack
Years active1992–2019
EmployerKyoto Animation
Known forKyoto Animation employee

Naomi Ishida (Japanese: 石田 奈央美, Hepburn: Ishida Naomi, 6 August 1969 – 18 July 2019)[1][2] was a Japanese animation color designer who worked for Kyoto Animation.

Early life[edit]

Ishida was born to parents involved in Japan's traditional crafts industry; her father worked as a master cloth dyer for kimono, while her mother was a weaver of Nishijin-ori obi.[3][1] She took an interest in the arts from an early age, and became absorbed in Galaxy Express 999 in junior high school days.[4] After graduating Kyoto Prefectural Rakusui High School, she began to work at a hospital as a nurse at first, but quit the job and attended a vocational school to study animation, against opposition of people around her.[5][1][6]


Ishida joined Kyoto Animation at age 22 in 1992, shortly after completing her schooling[6]. Her initial work included color checking and cel painting for series on which Kyoto Animation was a subcontractor, including Inuyasha.[5] As the studio began creating original works, Ishida became central to the studio's color department. Among the studio's early works as the primary animation producer, her credits included Air as a digital paint artist for three episodes, and for Kanon as a color checker and setting creator for two episodes. As the studio produced further works, Ishida's responsibilities grew, eventually leading her to become one of the studio's two color designers. Productions on which she served as color designer included Hyouka, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Amagi Brilliant Park[7], A Silent Voice[8], and Liz and the Blue Bird.[9]

While Ishida regularly worked at Kyoto Animation's Studio 2, she was present at Studio 1 on the day of the Kyoto Animation arson attack which targeted the building, and was killed alongside 34 others. Ishida was the first victim to be identified as deceased by her parents. Ishida had worked at Kyoto Animation for 26 years.[5][3] She was found dead at second floor of Studio 1, and the police determined that she deceased at 10:40 a.m. approximately from carbon monoxide poisoning.[4][10] The police handed Ishida's body over to her parents on July 23, and the funeral was held on July 26.[10] At the funeral, Ishida's mother dressed her daughter in kimono which had been prepared for her marriage,[11] and her friends and colleagues attended.[10]


Her works include:[12][13]


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