Naomi Snieckus

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Naomi Snieckus
Naomi Snieckus.jpg
Naomi Snieckus, March 2017
Occupationfilm, television and stage actress
Known forMr. D, Saw 3D

Naomi Snieckus is a Canadian actress and comedian, best known for her regular television role as Bobbi in Mr. D[1] and her appearance as Nina in Saw 3D.[2]

An alumna of The Second City's Toronto company,[3] she later formed the improvisational comedy troupes National Theatre of the World with Ron Pederson and Matt Baram,[4] and Impromptu Splendor with Pederson, Baram and Kayla Lorette.[5] She also acted extensively in guest appearances on television series, as well as extensive work in commercials,[2] until her roles in Saw 3D and Mr. D.

From 2011[6] to 2014[7] she co-produced a webseries called The Casting Room.

In 2014, she appeared as a lead character in the film Two 4 One.[8] In 2015, she and Baram, to whom she is now married, created an improv duo show called Baram & Snieckus: You & Me.[9]

Snieckus won a Canadian Comedy Award as Best Female Improviser in 2010,[10] and is a four-time Canadian Screen Award nominee as Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Mr. D.[11]


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