Naomi Zaman

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Naomi Zaman
Beauty pageant titleholder
Born Naomi Zaman
Toronto, Canada
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Green
Title(s) Miss Pakistan World 2005
Miss Disco: Girl of the Year 2005
Miss Tourism Queen International (Best in Talent)

Naomi Zaman (Urdu: نعیمی زمان ‎) is a Pakistani beauty queen, who represented Pakistan in the 2005 edition of the environmentally oriented beauty pageant, Miss Earth.[1][2] She is the first Pakistani woman to participate in any major international beauty contest, which created international headlines.[3][4]

Miss Pakistan World 2005[edit]

Born on January 8, 1985 in Toronto, Canada to Pakistan Parents, Naomi Zaman was raised in a Pakistani household and growing up in Canada gave her a good understanding of both western and Eastern Cultures. In hopes of making a difference in the Pakistani community on a global scale, Naomi Zaman competed and became the third Miss Pakistan World in 2005.[5]

Naomi went on to compete in several international pageants including Miss Tourism Queen International 2005 and notably the Miss Earth pageant, one of the three largest pageants in the world.[6] Naomi Zaman won 2 international titles during her reign as Miss Pakistan World 2005 (Urdu: دوشیزه دنیا پاکستان‎). She won as second runner-up of Miss Disco Girl of the Year and Miss Best in Talent in the special events of Miss Tourism Queen International 2005. These marked the first two international special awards ever won by a Pakistani delegate.[7][8]

Currently Naomi is working on pursuing a recording career, being the winner of Best in Talent both in the Miss Pakistan World pageant and in the Miss Tourism Queen International pageant. Naomi Zaman's music is a diverse futuristic sound that is a representation of East and Western culture. Her trip to the Miss Earth competition in the Philippines in 2005 was significant in bringing awareness to the beauty and positivity of Pakistan.[2][9][10]

Preceded by
Batool Cheema
Miss Pakistan World
Succeeded by
Sehr Mahmood

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